MasterCraft Boats X-80 2009

Boat Review

With its yacht-rated capacity and a staggering list of features that includes a 110-gallon fuel tank, 48-quart cooler, almost 80 cubic feet of under-seat storage and an enclosed head with vanity and sink, the MasterCraft X-80 is built to keep multiple families comfortable and entertained all day. And thanks to the Zero Flex tower and the bullet-shaped billet aluminum of the X-Pod dash, the MasterCraft X-80 also has all the edgy wake style you'd expect from an X-Series wakeboard boat.


Simultaneous Surf Sessions

By itself, the MasterCrarft X-80 weighs well over 6,000 pounds. Add on almost 500 pounds of ballast and a boatload of your best friends and you've got some of the biggest swells you'll ever find inland. Even better, the MasterCraft X-80's twin, counter-rotating props produce surfable wakes on either side, so you can make your next session a double.


People: Yacht certified

Dry weight: 6,420 lb.

Fuel capacity: 100 gal.

Tower: Zero Flex Flyer

Racks: Swivel and clamping*

Wake shaper: N/A


Length: 28 ft. 3 in.

Width: 9 ft. 6 in.

Bow length: 83 in.

Bow width: 72 in.

Floor to tower: 85 in.

Gunwale: 36 in.

Main lounge: 72 sq. ft.

Sun pad: 23 sq. ft.

Platform: 42 sq. ft.

Ballast: 484 lb. (two 242-lb. center tanks)


Standard: Dual MasterCraft RTP-1 5.7L 310 hp

Test Prop: OJ 13.7 x 17 four-blade

Cruise: PerfectPass Wakeboard Pro, ZeroOff Wakeboard*

* = Optional


Between the MasterCraft X-80's weight and two factory ballast tanks, you're looking at almost 7,000 pounds of water displacement, which means this very big wakeboard boat has a very big wake. To find the sweet spot, you'll want to play with your line length and find a driver who knows what's up.