MasterCraft Boats X-14 2009

Boat Review

Mixing nimble direct-drive handling with X-Series amenities, the MasterCraft X-14 is a versatile performer designed for the family that wants to do it all on the water - not just ride. The biggest direct-drive in the X-Series line, the MasterCraft X-14 features seating for 11. But the driver's seat is the best spot in the house, thanks to its ergonomic design and features like the VDIG, a digital command center that lets you stay up to the minute on everything from speed to ballast. Thanks to standard features like the Zero Flex tower, swivel board racks and below-the-floor ballast system, riders will find plenty of stoke without adding a single option.



Like all MasterCrafts, the X-14 holds nearly 700 pounds of ballast in hard tanks under the floor, freeing up the boat's 24 cubic feet of storage for what it was meant for - stashing 11 people's gear.


People: 11

Dry weight: 3,300 lb.

Fuel capacity: 40 gal.

Tower: Zero Flex Flyer

Racks: Swivel and clamping

Wake shaper: Adjustable wake plate*


Length: 21 ft. 4 in.

Width: 8 ft.

Bow length: 67 in.

Bow width: 61 in.

Floor to tower: 76 in.

Gunwale: 25 in.

Main lounge: 83 sq. ft.

Sun pad: N/A

Platform: 13 sq. ft.

Ballast: 680 lb. (one 410-lb. bow tank; two 135-lb. center tanks)


Standard: MasterCraft RTP-1 5.7L 310 hp

Cruise: PerfectPass Wakeboard Pro, ZeroOff Wakeboard*

* = Optional


The MasterCraft X-14's wake is among the most versatile in the MasterCraft line. At 36 mph, the wake is flat enough for slalom skiing. Slow things down and fill the 680 pounds of ballast and the wakes will plump up, clean and shapely, perfect for beginner and intermediate wakeboarders.