Nautique Crossover 211 2008

January 1, 2008

Wakeboard Boat Review

While wakeboard boats have gotten longer and wider in the past few years, this Crossover Nautique 211 is a real throwback. It’s less than 21 feet long and less than 8 feet across with performance that actually attracts skiers, too, rather than frightens them away. Yet outfitted with the Team Edition package, we found the Crossover Nautique 211 to be a very versatile boat for riding. No wonder it’s Correct Craft’s most popular model.

Hull: The Crossover Nautique 211’s design makes the most of its relatively narrow beam. It holds a line well, even at higher speeds, and has especially responsive tracking for a V-drive.

Ballast: We were coming off another season of watching pro tournaments, so compared to how some boats are weighted down, the Crossover Nautique 211’s optional three-tank factory ballast system didn’t seem too overwhelming with a 625-pound capacity. But after our sessions behind the Crossover Nautique 211, we found that factory ballast system to be good for beginners all the way up to intermediate wakeboarders on the verge of getting to the advanced level. And with a wakeboard boat this size, 625 makes a noticeable difference in the wakes.


Tower: With the Team Edition comes the Flight Control Tower, that ground-breaking design that Correct Craft has prided itself on. The wakeboard racks you can add to it are so sweet. They’re easy to use, look good and lock in the boards.

Wake shaper: This Crossover Nautique 211 comes standard with the Hydro-Gate, a device at the back of the wakeboard boat that raises or lowers to work with a dispersion tunnel in the hull. We kept it mostly at the 1 setting, all the way up, to make the wakes peakier.

Highlight feature: We like the walkway over the transom not just because it’s convenient, but it has a step up from the lounge and a step down to the platform. It’s one of the best-designed step-overs we’ve seen.


The wake: The Crossover Nautique 211 has great recreational wakes. We liked being out at 65 feet at 22 mph best. Wakes were bigger and a bit steeper there, with a lot of appeal for beginner wakeboarders especially. The width is perfect for the angle of the ramp.

What We Dig

-Cup holders, comfort in the bow

-Zero-Off cruise upgrade


-Solid, super-easy board racks

-Built-in cooler in rear

-Curving lines of rear bench



Length w/o platform: 20’9”

Beam: 7’9”

People: 9

Dry weight: 3,500 lb.

Ballast*: 625 lb. total

Tower*: Flight Control Tower

Racks*: Swivel wakeboard racks

Wake shaper: Hydro-Gate

Main lounge: 47 sq. ft.

Stereo*: Clarion deck, Polk/MOMO speakers, amp, subwoofer, remote, satellite-radio ready

Fuel: 38 gal.

Trailer*: Single/tandem axle



Standard: PCM Power Plus Vee 5.0L, 275 hp

Test: PCM ZR-6 6.0L, 375 hp

Test prop: Acme 14.5×14.25 four-blade

Cruise: Nautique Cruise; Zero-Off optional


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