MasterCraft Boats X-2 2008

January 1, 2008

Wakeboard Boat Review

The MasterCraft Boats X-2 has the similar MasterCraft X-Star profile with the pickle-fork bow and ZeroFlex tower, only in a 20-foot package. In some ways, the MasterCraft X-2 is the best of both worlds — wide bow, rampy wakes, wakeboarding amenities, premium construction — all in a wakeboard boat you can trailer and store in the garage with no problem. That’s why it’s a MasterCraft best-seller.

Hull: At first glance from that two-pronged bow profile, you might assume the hull is just a shorter version of the MasterCraft X-Star’s. Actually, it’s more like the design of the MasterCraft X-30 and X-45. The bow tapers to a single keel. Steps in the running surface set the V-shaped transom deeper into the water at wakeboarding speeds. The rider pulled the wakeboard boat around a bit, but we easily corrected with minor steering adjustments. The MasterCraft X-2 was able to turn tight for double-ups.

Ballast: The standard 550-pound ballast system includes a rear tank at 250 pounds and two bags at 150 pounds each. That’s enough weight to get started, for sure, but the advanced wakeboarders on our test team are usually pretty ballast hungry, especially when looking at that load capacity of 1,609 pounds and imagining the possibilities.


Tower: The ZeroFlex tower returns for another model year, and we’re glad to see it. It’s all business in the front, with the traditional tubing, then party in the back, thanks to the lightning boltish rear supports. The pivoting wakeboard racks that are integrated so perfectly into the tower’s design come standard.

Highlight feature: Construction. From the hull molds to the gelcoat to the hardware to the upholstery, MasterCraft puts so much energy and money into making its boats able to stand up to use for years and years, even on a more budget-priced model like the X-2.

The wake: At 65 feet and 22 mph, we found the wakes to be nice and rampy with good wake-to-wake pop. When we went to 70 feet, the wakes got a little smaller with the factory ballast and more abrupt. More weight would amp up these crisp, clean wakes.


What We Dig

-Super-wide pickle-fork bow

-Sick dash with new video screen

-Classic MC styling and comfort in interior


-Very secure board racks that swivel no problem

-Really vivid gelcoat designed for durability


Length w/o platform: 20’


Beam: 7’10”

People: 11

Dry weight: 3,500 lb.

Ballast: 550 lb. total (rear tanks: 250 lb. each; two bags: 150 lb. each)

Tower: ZeroFlex

Racks: Swivel

Wake shaper*: Adjustable plate

Main lounge: 58 sq. ft.

Stereo: Clarion deck, four speakers, satellite-radio ready

Cooler: 36 qt.

Fuel: 45 gal.

Trailer*: single/tandem axle



Standard: Indmar RTP-1 5.7L, 310 hp

Test: Indmar MCX 5.7L, 350 hp

Test prop: OJ 14.25×14.5 four-blade

Cruise: PerfectPass


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