MasterCraft Boats X-15 2008

Wakeboard Boat Review

The MasterCraft X-15 looks like a traditional wakeboard boat now that so many X-Series models have the pickle-fork bow. But in its third model year, the MasterCraft X-15 is pretty state-of-the-art, with the collective mind power of MasterCraft’s research and development department (which has its own building at company HQ) creating impressive-sized wakes with only the 650-pound factory ballast system.

Hull: MasterCraft engineers — and tons of riders — liked the results of the MasterCraft X-Star hull, with a wide beam that has a step-in at the transom so the wakes aren’t too wide. The MasterCraft X-15’s design incorporates that similar idea while still using the width to help maintain stability in turns.

Ballast: The standard system is a 650-pound rear bag. OK, that sentence probably didn’t blow you away, right? You’re thinking, “650? Sounds decent.” But our test team was really surprised at how big the wakes were with just that stock ballast. That weight and the running surface work well together.


Tower: Of all the towers we’ve seen, this ZeroFlex design does one of the best jobs at incorporating the wakeboard racks into the overall look, rather than just having them be added on. The swivel racks, standard on the MasterCraft X-15, are the centerpiece of the rear supports and have the pointed profile to go with the tower’s angles.

Highlight feature: The VDIG. That’s MasterCraft’s new video display gauge, and it could revolutionize the dash. Seriously, its potential blew us away. Video highlights, ballast diagram, depth map — it’s all good.

The wake: We found plenty of meat in these really solid wakes that didn’t give at all when we hit them. They were much bigger than we expected with only factory weight. Wakes are steeper than the MasterCraft X-2’s but still with plenty of ramp, a small lip, clean peak and cushiony landings.


What We Dig

-Premium construction from hull to hardware

-Snap-in carpet for easy wash-downs

-Full wraparound lounge


-Sweet upholstery styling accents

-Folding platform to get this into the garage


Length w/o platform: 21’8”


Beam: 8’4”

People: 14

Dry weight: 3,575 lb.

Ballast: 650 lb. (rear bag)

Tower: ZeroFlex

Racks: Swivel

Wake shaper*: Adjustable plate

Main lounge: 65 sq. ft.

Stereo: Clarion deck, four speakers, satellite-radio ready

Cooler: 36 qt.

Fuel: 45 gal.

Trailer*: single/tandem axle



Standard: Indmar RTP-1 5.7L, 310 hp

Test: Indmar MCX 5.7L, 350 hp

Test prop: OJ 14.25×14.5 four-blade

Cruise: PerfectPass