MasterCraft X-Star 2006

January 3, 2006

Wakeboard Boat Review

The MasterCraft X-Star is The Man. It’s probably the most well-known wakeboard boat out there. The X Games uses it. The Pro Wakeboard Tour uses it. Parks Bonifay, Shane Bonifay, Andrew Adkison and more all have one. The MasterCraft X-Star has even been on display in the Supercross series and the Dew Action Sports Tour. It’s famous because it’s fully legit, with arguably the greatest wake in history. That was obvious the moment MasterCraft unveiled its breakthrough hull design, and riders have been raving about it ever since. Up top, passengers love the pickle fork bow that’s the signature look of the MasterCraft X-Star. MasterCraft Boats of course fully outfits this wakeboard boat so it is, no question, a first-rate, world-class wake machine for performance and lifestyle.

Forked bow


Climb in from the front if you want, and totally spread out in a bow that seems more like a cockpit lounge.

Ballast system

The below-the-floor 850 pounds is spread out in two rear ballast tanks and one center bag near the bow.



You can’t budge the Zero Flex Flyer tower, which has swiveling wakeboard racks with new tighter clamps.

AP-1 hull


MasterCraft calls it the Anything’s Possible hull. It’s the key to the MasterCraft X-Star, with a design that sculpts ideal wakes.

X-Pod dash

The suspended speedo, tach and cruise control have new billet aluminum housings and red-faced gauges.


Wake Shape

The perfect ramp. Really, ride it and see if you agree. The length, the size, the peak – it’s all an amazing balance between steep and mellow. Charge it and your board never slows down, as if you weren’t even hitting a wake. But then, before you know it, you’re booted. Magic? Maybe. Engineering that regular people can’t figure out? Definitely. The size is good for intermediate riders with factory ballast. As much as advanced riders love this wake, they love it even more when those ramps become huge thanks to some more added ballast.


Length 22 ft. 3 in. Beam 100 in.

Seating capacity 12

Fuel capacity 53 gal.

Test prop OJ 13.7 x 17 4-blade

Top speed 43.5 mph 5,250 rpm

Accel. to 30 mph 7.5 sec. 186.4 ft.

Accel. to 36 mph 9.9 sec. 307.2 ft.

Noise Levels (db) Neutral 61 D 59 R, 36 mph 88 D 86 R

Test engine: Crusader 6.0L, 375 hp

“There’s no other wake like the X-Star’s. It’s a big launch ramp on definitely a clean, consistent wake. It makes doing really big moves out to the flats a lot easier. And I’m stoked on the new graphics. Is the MasterCraft X-Star gonna help me have an even better year in ’06? That’s the plan, for sure.”

– Rusty Malinoski


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