Malibu Wakesetter 247 LSV 2006

January 2, 2006

Wakeboard Boat Review

This wakeboard boat looks like an optical illusion is going on. Is the interior supposed to be that stretched out? Yeah, it is. For this all-new Wakesetter 247 LSV, Malibu Boats engineers figured they’d try something different – lengthen the main lounge where everybody sits, shorten the bow a little. Bingo: a cockpit even your tallest friend will love. So the wraparound lounge is bigger than even a wakeboard boat of this immense size would have. Even better, Malibu Boats decided to see how much other good stuff it could pile on. Besides all the wakeboarding features, it’s got two ice chests with removable liners, chrome accents, an over-the-engine storage tray under the two-piece sun pad, and Precision Pro Speed Control standard. Like every Malibu wakeboard boat, this 247 has super-solid construction and perfect fit and finish. No illusion there.

Ballast system


It comes with three tanks: 650-pound center, two 250-pound rears. Madmen get the optional 350-pound bow tank.

Illusion X Tower

This is a friggin’ work of art, and it’s standard. Amazing. A flowing black arc that preserves total visibility.


Power Wedge

New this year, it hydraulically changes on the fly to alter wakes just the way you want them.

Rear entertainment console


Outfit this with the stereo remote and speakers to complement the cup holder/speaker/chrome side panels.

In-dash graphical LCD

Toggle through about 15 key wakeboard boat readings on this state-of-the-art screen, viewable from any angle.


Wake Shape

Run the numbers and you’ll see why these wakes are among the most monstrous you’ll see. The wakeboard boat itself – in all its 24-foot-7 by 102-inch glory – weighs about two tons. The interior can handle a mix of ballast and passengers beyond another ton (2,400 pounds, actually). And then you’ve got this Malibu Power Wedge digging in for the equivalent of 1,200 more pounds. Big displacement = big wakes. But these aren’t just pieces of meaty meat. They are shaped. Check out the crisp peak with plenty of boot.


Length 24 ft. 7 in. Beam 102 in.

Seating capacity 16

Fuel capacity 87 gal.

Test Prop Acme 13.5 x 16 4-blade

Top Speed 47.5 mph 5,050 rpm

Accel. To 30 mph 6.2 sec. 149.1 ft.

Accel. To 36 mph 8.2 sec. 245.1 ft.

Noise levels (db) Neutral 59 D 59 R, 36 mph 81 D 88 R

Test Engine: Indmar 8100 Vortec 8.1L, 450 hp


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