Sanger Boats DLX 2006

The perfect family-sized towboat, the new DLX delivers both versatility and convenience no matter what your choice of water sports may be. Built for fun, this 21-foot towboat seats up to nine passengers with ample storage space for skis, boards and vests. As with all Sanger boats, the DLX delivers a smooth big-water ride with a blistering top speed. Powered by a MerCruiser engine, this boat is perfect for large lakes or tight rivers. World-class skiing is a achieved through Sanger's V-bottom hull design. Simply lighten the load and the underwater lifting strakes allow the hull to rise and skim effortlessly through the water. The triple tracking fins help to keep the boat on course - making the driver as happy as the skier. When it's time to get some big air, pile everyone on board, drop the speed, and same V-bottom will sink deep to kick up a huge wake. The DLX is also barefooter friendly, providing a quality pull from a deepwater start to 40 mph in less than eight seconds. The tournament-quality training wake is never compromised and even the recreational boater will be impressed by the quality and exceptional value. This is the perfect boat choice for the family that wants to ski, cruise, wakeboard and tube. The DLX does it all!