MB Sports B52 V3 Team Edition 2006

January 1, 2006

Wakeboard Boat Review

When MB Sports designed the B52 V23 it took the term “hard-core wakeboarding machine” and ran. The result is a wakeboard boat completely tricked out with all the wake-specific essentials, as well as a few additional creature comforts.

There’s plenty of space on board this 23-footer, and a healthy dose of wakeboarding attitude in the flame graphics. And with 2,500 pounds of standard ballast, our testers say you won’t need to add extra sacks — ever.



Leave the extra ballast bags at the dock, because they’re not necessary behind this giant-swell-producing machine. The 2,500 pounds of in-the-hull ballast on this ride yield pro-level wakes with butter-smooth ramps that offer the perfect release for all of your biggest moves.



Thanks to the solid hull construction and superb fit and finish, there’s no jarring or annoying rattles in the MB Sports B52 V23 Team Edition. This boat is smooth and steady even with the stock ballast at capacity. It tracks with authority and is surprisingly agile despite its lengthy proportions.


This ride isn’t just about wakes. From the reclined rear seat to the cooler underneath the seats in the open bow, it’s clear that comfort is just as important on board the MB Sports B52 V23 Team Edition. Our testers particularly liked the rear-facing seat that MB Sports incorporated into the wraparound lounge behind the driver.



Base price: $58,600

Length: 23 ft.


Beam: 96 in.

Seating capacity: 12

Fuel capacity: 64 gal.

Test Prop: 13.5 x 17 4-blade

Test Engine: PCM Excalibur 5.7L, 330 hp

Top Speed: 43 mph 5,100 rpm

Accel. To 30 mph: 6.1 sec. 154.6 ft.

Accel. To 36 mph: 8.8 sec. 287.4 ft.

Noise Levels (db): Neutral 61 D 58 R, 36 mph 85 D 88 R


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