Malibu Ride XTi 2006

January 1, 2006

Wakeboard Boat Review

In the wake of Malibu’s successful 2005 introduction of the entry-level Ride series comes this all-new model for 2006: the Malibu Ride XTi, a direct-drive sporting a rear lounge and center sun deck.

We’re excited about this wakeboard boat for a lot of reasons. Most important, it has a base MSRP below $37,000 (including tower, ballast tank and trailer), yet quality and performance on a par with top water-sports boats. That’s good news for wakeboard boat buyers eager to graduate from the I/O market and ready to step up to a Malibu.



We almost mistook these wakes for those of its sister wakeboard boat, the Malibu vRide. The hull was made for defined wakes to satisfy beginner riders as well as those maxing out on intermediate maneuvers.



Combine a direct-drive configuration with a sports-car-sized wakeboard boat and Malibu’s dependable engineering, and it’s zero surprise that this Malibu Ride XTi handles so well. It is exceptionally balanced, even when the passengers aren’t.


Malibu Boats puts a premium on comfort in the Ride XTi, even though this isn’t a premium-priced wakeboard boat. The seats are upholstered with thick marine vinyl joined with meticulously sewn French seams, and are soft to the touch.



Base price: $36,995 (trailer included)

Length: 21 ft.


Beam: 93.5 in.

Seating capacity: 10

Fuel capacity: 41 gal.

Test Prop: Acme 13 x 12 3-blade

Test Engine: Indmar LCR 5.7L, 320 hp

Top Speed: 44.5 mph 4,850 rpm

Accel. To 30 mph: 5.0 sec. 122.9 ft.

Accel. To 36 mph: 6.6 sec. 202.1 ft.

Noise Levels (db): Neutral 62 D 63 R, 36 mph 89 D 92 R


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