Calabria Boats Cal Air Pro V 2006

January 1, 2006

Wakeboard Boat Review

This wakeboard boat practically screams at everybody on the lake to notice it. It’s oversized in almost every way and drenched in style. The Calabria crew crafts this wild wakeboard boat by hand, so it’s got a custom feel with lots of attention to detail. Then there’s the patented ballast system, called the PureVert. It’s so unique and so fast. That alone makes the Calabria Pro-V a gotta-have.

PureVert Wake System


No pumps. No time to fill. Flip two switches, and water comes rushing into the four compartments built into the hull. Only 45 seconds later, you’ve got 700 pounds of ballast. Gauges let you load up one side more than the other for wakesurfing or whatever. To empty it, just get the boat moving. It pours out in 15 seconds.

Stainless Steel Tower

The shine off this is blinding. Calabria has really gone overboard in making a stainless tower instead of sticking with the usual aluminum. Sturdier, stronger, and makes you look rich. Collapses in 30 seconds.


Stretched Lounge

Calabria wanted that wraparound cockpit huge. The beam was already as wide as allowed by law, though. Answer: shrink the bow, stretch the lounge. Who parties in the bow, anyway?

West Coast Graphics


Love the swoosh. Feeling the checkerboard. If this gelcoat artwork is too much for you, Calabria has plain varieties, too. Even with the “traditional” pattern, you can still customize with up to four different gelcoat colors.

Oversized Swim Platform

It goes across practically the whole width of the boat. That’d be big enough, but then it extends way out into the water. It’s about as big as the sunpad. You will never need more space than this.


Trim Plates

These help get the boat on plane much faster. That’s a bonus when the hull is otherwise digging into the water for wakeboarding. They also adjust the wakes a little, too – rampier or mellower.

Storage Compartments

Instead of being broken up, they run full length in most of the wakeboard boat. That’s plenty of room for tossing your stuff under the seats.

Wake Shape

These characteristics are great for beginners going wake to wake – just shorten the rope 5 feet or so. The wakes also work for advanced wakeboarders perfecting their lateral moves. Lips aren’t too peaky, so raleys and indy glides into the flats work well. Riders can really edge aggressively into these rampy transitions. You won’t get bucked out the front or stuff the tip of the wakeboard into the wake. Because the take-off zone is so good, the landing area is big and forgiving, too.


Length 23 ft. 6 in. Beam 102 in.

Seating capacity 15

Fuel capacity 65 gal.

Test Prop Acme 13 x 17.5 4-blade

Test Engine MerCruiser Black Scorpion 5.7L, 330 hp

Top Speed 44 mph 5,000 rpm

Accel. To 30 mph 6.6 sec. 163.3 ft.

Accel. To 36 mph 8.9 sec. 276.4 ft.

Noise levels (db) Neutral 61 D 61 R, 36 mph 89 D 88 R


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