Svfara SV696

Wakeboarding performance tucked into a stylish and innovative package makes this direct-drive giant a standout success. At 23 feet long and 102 inches wide, the SV696 has a functional interior that screams largeness. Svfara engineers really thought out the spaciously designed "inner core" as we like to call it, leaving plenty of room to easily access the walk-through transom and useful wet bar. The leather-like camo-accented upholstery has a great feel and distinctive look that will certainly have your fellow riders talking. But the best part is how well this unique-looking boat caters to riders behind it.

HULL: Everything about the SV696's hull is solid thanks to its sandwich Core-Cell all-composite construction. This wake boat takes on rough-water days well and cuts through double-ups no problem. You won't be scared to really drive the heck out of this boat, and to do so, we recommend you go with the engine upgrade (6.2-liter 340-horsepower MerCruiser) to take full advantage of the hull's handling capability.

BALLAST: Riders will bow down in praise of the standard four-tank, 1,100-pound ballast for the large wakes the SV696 kicks out.

TOWER: The Pro Flight tower, new for 2007, swoops into the lines of the boat. Bonus: The tower design easily folds down for garage storage.

You can expect large, advanced-level wakes with the stock ballast setup. The satisfying wake ramps are trough-free, and the long landing zones are made for soft landings on wake-to-wake moves.

BALLAST: 1,100 LB.