Ski Supreme V220

Phone: 510.651.8400

This Ski Supreme V220 has a roomy interior layout made possible by the rear-mounted engine, with the nimble handling of a 21-foot, 4-inch boat that's 90 inches wide, proving that a V-drive doesn't need to be oversized. Quick acceleration to wakeboard speed with the 330-horsepower engine upgrade or going past 45 mph on the top-end speed, the V220 makes an impact on the water. Supreme's custom feel and its belief in making no exceptions on performance, fit and finish make this model a must-see at your next boat show.

Hull: The V220 tries to mimic the agile handling and tracking that the direct-drive version, the 220SP, possesses. Its deep-V entry keeps the V220 on target through bumpy conditions and rollers. The deep-set interior and high gunwales, combined with a running surface that tapers from the bow to a mellower V shape, serve to enhance the smooth ride.

Ballast: The Sky ballast system tops off at 720 pounds and provides plenty of meat for beginner to intermediate riders to get the amplitude they want off the wakes.

Tower: The optional Sky package gets you the ballast, stereo, custom graphics and of course the tower option--which every rider is going to want.

Wake shaper: Set the standard adjustable plate before you head out to get the wake shape you want. And if you upgrade to the Switchblade, you can adjust the foil on the fly to displace water and increase the size of those wakes.

Seating: Finding a comfortable place to sit isn't a problem in this boat. Between the wraparound lounge with sports-car-style pleated seat panels, the wide-open bow, and the optional Matrix driver's seat