Ski Pro Summit 2100 VDX

December 14, 2006

The greatest thing about this new wake-specific boat is how much control the customer has over the finished product. Nearly everything on this ride–from the tower design to the location of the gas fill–can be completely customized to suit your taste. Think of it as the Dell computer of wake boats. And don’t let Ski Pro’s name fool you–the Texas-based company is all about targeting boaters ready to get serious about riding. That focus is obvious in features like the 980-pound ballast system and comfortable rear seating, which is perfect for wake watching.

HULL: While many water-sports boats have hulls that are modeled on those of smaller ski boats, the VDX’s running surface takes its cue from the large power of offshore hulls. It has a steep deadrise for a better ride and a bigger wake, with large lifting strakes and overall surface area. But enough with the technical mumbo jumbo; here’s what you should really care about: big, steep wakes with a narrow profile and tons of pop.

BALLAST: Dual in-floor ballast tanks hold just shy of a half-ton of water weight–all the better to boot you.


TOWER: The convenient folding tower is designed to lie down without your having to break down a single part. Or ask Ski Pro to customize it for you and rock your very own one-of-a-kind tower.

WAKE SHAPER: Ski Pro realized that its intermediate to advanced wakes might scare off newbie riders, so the company designed aluminum plates that extend past the transom and can flex down to soften the wakes if needed. Flex them the other way, though, and they add rocker to the hull shape, sucking the boat down to enhance the wakeboarding characteristics.

The VDX kicks out a wake that is steep and narrow. Beginners will need to adjust the Zenith plates to flatten out the wake so they don’t stuff the wake, while advanced riders can leave the wake steep for added pop up. We found the VDX to have a fairly big wake for a 21-foot boat running only stock ballast.




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