Epic 23V

When Epic launched last year, it didn’t hold anything back, stacking its flagship boat, the 23V, with so many standard wake-specific components and gear that there’s really no such thing as an option on this ride. Well, except for the Bimini top, which is this boat’s lone add-on. Trust us, though, after you’ve seen the wakes churned up by the wake-specific hull and 4,000 pounds of factory ballast, a sunburn is the last thing you’ll be thinking about.

HULL: In addition to its absolutely monstrous ballast system, the 23V also features a hull designed specifically for wake sports. The Drop Zone is designed to drag the boat down into the water, creating greater water displacement for increased size and better shape. The result: tons of straight-up bootage.

BALLAST: If there was ever a question whether Epic started building boats for any other reason than constructing massive wakes, it was quickly erased by this number: two tons. That’s the amount of water held by the 23V’s monstrous three-tank ballast system. Here’s another fun fact–that same 4,000-pound system actually weighs more than the total weight of the dry boat. A guy can do a lot with that much weight: load up for pro-level wakes, run dry to teach beginners, or stack one side for some sweet wake surf sessions. Oh, the possibilities.


TOWER: Standard. What else would you expect from a wake machine like the 23V? Well, swivel board racks. Yeah, those come standard too.

WAKE SHAPER: Need a little more peak to help your rider land that raley? You don’t even need to slow down. The Shape Plate lets you tweak wake size and shape while a rider is up and running.

Four thousand pounds of stock ballast guarantees you all the wake size you’ll ever need. The steep walls can be toned down by adjusting the wake plate on the fly. Landing zones are on the small side, but with a wake this big you’re going to be sailing into the flats.


BALLAST: 4,000 LB.


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