Epic 23v

August 19, 2005

Epic has one goal in mind: build a better wake boat. From primitive drawings to complex CAD simulations, Epic constructed models and then molds. Testing and retesting led to lots of riding.

Everything about this boat has been geared to the rider’s enjoyment of the interior and the wake-specific design of this machine. Epic boats are made to improve wakeboarders’ lives through innovative design, comfort, and functionality. Epic is committed to constant innovation, to continually improve boats, service and wakeboarders’ wake lives.

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**Hull length: 22′ 9″
Beam: 98″
Seating: 14 people
Dry weight: About 3,000 pounds
Fuel capacity: 55 gallons

**Standard Equipment:
**Resin-infused all-composite construction
Volvo 8.1-liter V8
Hurth 630A V-Drive transmission
Dual rudder Vector Steer System
Drop Zone wake-enhancing hull technology
LED navigational and interior lighting
5-inch Faria instrumentation
Perfect Pass Wakeboard Pro
CD/MP3 Player with two remotes
Six interior speakers and eight transom speaker
Swivel driver bucket with bolster
4,000-pound, three-tank ballast system with shape plate
Interior heater with three outlets
Wakeboard tower with swivel board racks and mirror
Fiberglass swim step
Rear-mounted boot-luber
Tight-Fit travel cover

**Bimini top


Cool Stuff:

4,000-pound, three-tank ballast system with shape plate

Epic is the first to put in its boats a ballast system that actually weighs more than the total weight of its dry boat. This huge ballast gives you the ability to fill up for pro-level wakes or run dry for beginner or intermediate riders. You also have the ability to stack one side with ballast for some amazing wake surf. This system works in conjunction with a shape plate that lets you rapidly tweak wake shape while a rider is up and running for infinite adjustability.


“Drop Zone” wake-enhancing hull technology

Besides a huge ballast system, every Epic rides on a hull specifically designed for wake sports. Epic’s hull actually drags the boat down into the water and thus displaces more water for a superior wake in both size and shape. This hull provides riders with great wakes through greater displacement and also aids in tracking and handling to give the driver a greater feel of control over the boat for a superior experience for both the rider and driver.

Eight-speaker transom audio


Epic Boats is the first to offer audio built directly into the transom of their boats. The benefits over trraditional tower speakers are loud and clear: these speakers are closer to the rider – they are not as affected by the wind when boat is in motion – more sound is deflected off the water and back to the rider – and most importantly, people in the boat can now talk to each other while the rider enjoys crystal-clear, super-loud audio while they enjoy a truly Epic ride.

Dual rudder Vector Steer System

This revolutionary and patent-pending rudder system fully utilizes prop thrust while traditional rudder systems only utilize half a boat’s propulsion for handling. These rudders actually vectorize the boat’s prop thrust much like a jet vectorizes its jet thrust for maximum maneuverability. With the full utilization of thrust, this rudder system gives our boats amazing handling that just has to be seen and felt to believe.

Resin-infused all-composite construction

This method of fiberglass construction is the same technology that Burt Rutan’s team used in the construction of Space Ship One and their impending space vehicles. It gives the boat many times more strength than traditionally constructed boats and more importantly dramatically reduces the overall weight of the boat. Our boats, with an 8.1-liter engine, weigh only 3000 pounds. Other boats in the same size and fitting range weighing in at the 4,500-pound range. This means a much more nimble boat in the water and big savings at the pump when towing our boats. You can even comfortably tow our boats with a V6 equipped vehicle.


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