Malibu Wakesetter 247 LSV

Malibu's Wakesetter 247 LSV boasts a luxuriously spacious interior and all the professional wakeboard accessories you need. This new 24-foot-7-inch boat accommodates all your guests and still quenches your big wake thirst. The 247 LSV's hull was digitally shaped and shaved to optimize ride and maneuverability along with water sports performance. 3D modeling and testing allowed Malibu engineers to create a large, hugely accommodating tow boat that handles like a much smaller inboard. A 24-foot 7-inch boat has never felt this agile while remaining so rock solid on the water.

The lounge and helm areas offer 30% more storage and seating than every boat in its class. With room for 16, the 247 has two ice chests (totaling 120 quarts) that include portable insulated liners embroidered with the Malibu logo. Side panel-mounted bays house oversized cup holders, power outlets, LED lighting, chrome accents and optional Kicker 6" speakers. A removable table comes standard, and transforms this boat into the ultimate dining and recreation experience.

As part of their quest for speed consistency and reliability, Malibu delivers their new Precision Pro Speed Control. Standard on the 247, this system is monitored with the new in-dash higher-contrast Graphical LCD Display. Size and clarity are among the most recent advances, as all the information you need about your boat and its components are within eye-shot.

The display also features a Ballast Monitoring System (BMS) that lets riders fine-tune up to 1500 lbs of ballast placement throughout the boat's multiple ballast tanks. Beginner to intermediate riders will appreciate the toned-down wake, while the most advanced riders can opt to go big.

For more weight, use the optional wake-building Wedge or the new optional Power Wedge. In seconds, the traditional Wedge engages and adds the equivalent of an additional 1000 lbs of downward force. The Power Wedge offers versatility perfect for wakeboarders and wakeskaters of all levels. For on-the-fly wake size and shape enhancement, shift from 400 to 1200 pounds of wake displacement with the touch of a button. Malibu has thought of everything.

The Hammerhead 383 (Stroker) is the most powerful 6.2L small-block V8 inboard ever developed. This 400-horsepower engine cranks out 420 foot-pounds of torque at 4250 rpm. The optional Malibu 8.1L Vortec really hauls with its 450 horses at 5250 rpm. 525 foot-pounds at 4000 rpm means you simply can't lose.

Malibu Sound Suppression Technology is strategically applied to the boat's laminate, eliminating drive train noise and prop thrust vibration. It's difficult to imagine a quieter and smoother ride atop all this power.

Another standard feature on the 247 and all Wakesetter and Ride Series models in 2006 is the Illusion X Tower. The tower's redesigned Quick Pin breakdown system makes raising and lowering effortless. Optional Swing-Away Racks provide convenient board loading and a new molded-in navigation light puts safety first.

The interior is lined with soft and durable 32-oz. Polypropylene Heat Set carpet. Diamond Grain vinyl upholstery offers new textural accents as well as color options. The helm area features hand-wrapped dashboards that can be customized using the optional Sport Shroud package. Seven different color combinations define individuality and luxury.

Exclusive to Malibu boats, 38-oz. G&T Marine Vinyl is perfectly matched to Malibu's 20 vibrant gel coat colors and graphics. It is soft to the touch and extremely durable. The best ingredients make the Malibu Wakesetter 247 LSV a winning recipe.