Calabria Pro-V

April 27, 2005



Vibe: It’s amazing how easy ballast can be. You want to boost these Pro-V wakes to a truly pro level? All you have to do is flip two switches and wait about 50 seconds for the PureVert system to kick in. On both sides of the boat, water will come flooding into special compartments in the hull. No pumps, no fuss. Suddenly, you’ve got 700 pounds of water weight evenly distributed under the floor from about the driver’s seat to the transom.


How it’ll make you a better rider: Less time filling up ballast means more time spent riding. And you can’t mess up the weight distribution. It’s not like the back end will be too loaded down, seriously screwing with your planing and your wake. The natural flow of water is at work here. Left and right will be the same. Front and back will be the same. That means a consistent wake for you to ride on every time.

Tight, tight, tight: Calabria knows how to put together a really well-made boat. The upholstery feels plush and tight. The fit and finish are all flush, no gaps. The overall feel: tight.

Features to keep you on board all day long: Check out this full wraparound lounge to kick back in. There’s even plenty of room to stretch out fully behind the driver’s seat. If and when you stop, lie out on the sun pad. It can seem as big as a king-size bed. Underneath are two 19-cubic-foot trunks – huge.


House party: Speakers from the tip of the bow to the top of the tower flood the boat with tunes. The stereo controls in the steering wheel are one of those genius innovations that you can’t believe other boats don’t have. Thirteen cup holders are sprinkled throughout, including a bunch lining both sides of the lounge. The draining ice chest is built into the floor.

Fast fact: As quick as the ballast fills up, it empties even faster – 15 seconds.

The PureVert Wake System is a killer way to fill up ballast fast. There aren’t any pumps to wait for. Just 700 pounds of water rushing into the hull – in a good way.


The Cal-Air Tower collapses fast, too. It takes only about 30 seconds to fold it down below the level of the windshield.

Length: 23 ft. 6 in. (w/ platform)
Beam: 102 in.
Seating capacity: 11
Fuel capacity: 65 gal.
Stock prop: Acme 4-blade 13×17
Stock engine: MerCruiser 350 Magnum, 315 hp

Tanks: Four compartments integrated into hull liner
Capacity: 700 pounds


PERFORMANCE (with 330 hp engine)
Top speed: 43.9 mph @ 5,100 rpm
Noise: Neutral 60 db

Calabria CalAir Pro V

The gravity-fed ballast system is insane. It has definitely spoiled me. They integrated it into the hull, so there aren’t any pumps or tanks to worry about. Just flip the switch and it fills up in like 45 seconds and drains in 15. Super fast. And because it sinks the whole boat, it just creates the most phenomenal wake. It’s so clean, and has got a long, smooth transition with a fat lip on top. It’s really wide, so if I have friends just starting off, they can use a 60-foot rope to learn, or I can use a longer rope and ride wake to wake, throwing down huge tricks. I also love wakesurfing it, because the wake’s thick and perfect for carving. Inside, the boat’s like a limo – very spacious and comfortable. And the new swoop tower looks sweet. Full-out stainless steel, so it matches all my accessories. Really pimp ride inside and out.

Unweighted, the Pro V delivers great shaped wakes for beginner and intermediate riders, with long and easy transitions for consistent pop. Landing zones are wide, making wake-to-wake maneuvers a breeze. Considering how fast the PureVert system fills, the wakes are exceptionally big when the ballast is full, without losing shape. Advanced riders will enjoy how the Pro V wake allows them to go huge into the flats on all their tricks.


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