The Best: Social Butterflies

May 17, 2016

Back in the day, the only way to get a glimpse at the lives of your favorite pros was to subscribe to the mag and build your collection of wakeboard videos on VHS. Now, with social media, riders have a powerful platform to interact with their fans. To show you some good examples of this, we caught up with a few female riders with a successful following on Instagram. Give ’em a follow!

MELISSA MARQUARDT @melissa_marquardt

What are your Instagram pet peeves?
I hate seeing boring photos used just for advertisement purposes, and when a bunch of people post the same ­photo a million times to promote product. There are much better ways to do that!

Top three travel destinations:
1) Tahiti
2) Mexico
3) Tahoe, California


Top three Instagram accounts to follow:
1) @gopro
2) @clarklittle
3) @spearfishinginternational

CARRO DJUPSJO @wakecarro

How does social media affect your career as a rider?
It has become pretty important lately. With technology changing so quickly, digital marketing is playing a bigger role in most companies. Now a lot of brands look to pro athletes to represent them as a media source.

Stockholm, Sweden


Favorite songs to ride to:
“Light It Up” by Major Lazer
“Roses” by The Chainsmokers
“Bad Blood” by Taylor Swift

Top three Instagram accounts to follow:
1) @streetartglobe
2) @lindseyvonn
3) @kookslams

NICOLA BUTLER @nicolabutler

What are your social media goals?
I try to keep my social media organic and genuine. I’d rather have true fans than pretend to be someone I’m not. I also try to keep the more personal moments in my life private — that way they don’t lose their magic.


People to road-trip with:
Emily Dale (@emilygdale)
Gunnar Shuler (@gunnarshuler)
Melissa Marquardt

Favorite place to wakeboard:
CWC Wakepark (@cwcwakepark)

Top three Instagram accounts to follow:
1) @kookslams
2) @chrisburkard
3) @humansofnewyork


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