The Best 23 Foot Wakeboard Boats of 2016

The virtual sweet spot in the wakeboard board market, often times the 23 footers are our favorite boats in the line. Not too small, not too big, 23 foot wakeboard boats make a great vessel that's manageable to trailer but still large enough to stay comfortable with a boat full of friends. Check out our favorite 23-footers for the 2016 year and click on the full reviews to learn a little about them.

Axis T23

Almost 2 feet longer than the other traditional-bow Axis, the T23 is deceptively big. It's perfect for those who crave a traditional bow with a big wake and surf potential that's low maintenance and a great value... Full Review >>>WBM

Centurion Ri237

The Centurion Ri237 is the company's new flagship and boasts big surf performance along with a host of luxury-class features in an attractive package. This is for the advanced surfer who demands a lot of wave and a lot of different means to configure it... Full Review >>>WBM

Centurion Enzo FS33

Launched in 2015, the Centurion Enzo FS33 is making just as many waves one year later with its tech, creature comforts, aesthetics, and especially its surf performance. This is Centurion’s most versatile high-end wakeboard-and-surf boat, and it’s suitable for a crew that wants pro-level capability with all the tech to make it happen easily... Full Review >>>WBM

Malibu 23 LSV

One of the most hallowed hulls in the inboard market, the Malibu Wakesetter 23 LSV has a reputation that precedes it. It's great for buyers seeking a near-perfect wake, a large hull and an overall look that's as good as anything on the water.... Full Review >>>WBM

Malibu M235

Malibu's ultraplush new M235 is the top of the company's line and boasts more luxury features than anything previously available. The helm isn't specific to the M235, but it fits this boat's high-end look perfectly... Full Review >>>WBM

MasterCraft X30

The X30 is a top seller at MasterCraft for a reason: It does everything at a high level and it's user friendly. Buyers who demand a more traditional look in a bigger footprint with fairly even driving, surfing and wakeboarding performance stats should put the X30 at the top of the list... Full Review >>>WBM

Moomba Mojo

With a big redesign last year, you wouldn't think there would be much new on the Mojo, but Moomba threw in some nuggets to keep buyers coming back for more. The Mojo is perfect for bigger crews who don't want to pay a lot for a better wakeboard experience, recreational surfing and a finished interior... Full Review >>>WBM

Super Air Nautique G23

The iconic Super Air Nautique G23 got a few surf refinements for 2016 that brought it to the pro level for surfing and didn't hurt the wakeboard wakes. Perfect for the pro-level crew and amateurs alike looking for ultra reliable big surf and wakeboard wakes, only the G can churn... Full Review >>>WBM

Super Air Nautique 230

The Super Air Nautique 230 is a former flagship and has been a cornerstone in the wake line for almost a decade. If you're looking for a boat that churns wakeboard and especially surf wakes, but you're not ready to go all-in on a G23, this boat is for you... Full Review >>>WBM

Supra SG

Supra's SG takes a lot of cues from the popular SC, but at 23 feet 8 inches, everything is scaled up. The SG is suitable for buyers who don't want to forego luxury features in order to get a respectable wakeboard and surf wake in a big footprint... Full Review >>>WBM

Supreme S238

The budget-friendly Supreme S238 is a first for the company, and it brings a few standout performance and interior features that are really going to impress you. This boat is great for the recreational first- or second-time buyer who wants more space but doesn't want to pay for a lot of luxury features... Full Review >>>WBM

Tigé RZX

Tige's all-new RZX is a big, deep 23-foot flagship with plenty of first-class features, and it unquestionably bears the standard of the Tige surf-and-wakeboard line. Buyers looking for the best of the best in this worthy line should look no further than the tech and massive, clean wakes of the RZX... Full Review >>>WBM

Tigé Z3

Premium features and tech combine with huge surf performance in the tried-and-true Tige Z3. Buyers craving a traditional bow and some of the highest surf potential on the water in a tech-forward and aesthetic package should look no further than the Z3... Full Review >>>WBM