#BENSQUAD Fundraiser Orlando

On Friday, November 25, 2016, professional wakeboarder Ben Leclair suffered a severe injury to his spinal cord while out riding. A trick got away from him and he was rendered unconscious for a short time.

Shortly after his injury, friends, family and many members from the wakeboarding community came out to Lazy Moon in Orlando, FL to show support and participate in a fundraiser for Ben.

Ben is continuing with rehab full time in Montreal and has gained a lot more strength in his right arm. He is also gaining endurance and strengthening his vitals. He is able to endure longer rehab sessions without tiring and recover quicker after each session which Doctors see as a good sign!

The donations thus far are much appreciated, but there is still a long road ahead, so please do what you can to keep the support strong by donating or leaving a message for Ben here and help spread the word with the hashtag #BenSquad.

Video by Taylor Hanley