Beat the Cold with Jobe Steamer Wetsuits!

Five reasons why you can still enjoy watersports during the colder days with Jobe Wetsuits!

Jobe wetsuits are designed to support you when you are out on the water during all possible weather conditions. When the days are getting colder, they will keep you nice and warm at all times. The Jobe high-end steamer wetsuits feature some great technical specs that are unique in the market. Below are the 5 reasons and technologies why they are your best friend on the water.

1. Aqua Killer Technology

The Aqua Killer technology is a special quickdry thermo fabric to help keep you warm and dry. How does it work? The water on the inside of the wetsuit gets sucked out of the first layer of the suit and runs downwards because of the gravity. The result: a wetsuit that is warmer, dryer and much lighter because it does not hold any water. This makes the Jobe wetsuits that feature Aqua Killer technology perfect for multiple sessions on the water! Putting on a wet wetsuit for your next session is a thing of the past now! Another great thing about Aqua Killer technology is that you do not have to make any concessions on the flexibility of your wetsuit. In other words: you can still tweak out a trick or get in that hard yoga position. The Aqua Killer technology is featured in the Jobe Aspen (women) and Yukon (men) 5/4/3 wetsuits.

2. ChillBlocker

Jobe wetsuits with a backzipper also have a so-called chillblocker. This chillblocker makes sure water cannot enter your wetsuit through the zipper; a must have for every wetsuit with a backzipper! You can find this feature in wetsuits like the Aspen Slate (women) and Progress (men) wetsuits.

3. AquaBlock Prints

High-end wetsuits like the Yukon feature a front zipper that uses the AquaBlock feature. A normal front zipper can still let water in when you are in the water but the AquaBlock keeps that water out on top of your wetsuit. It also keeps all the flex on your back! You can find it at Yukon 5/4/3 and Yukon 4/3 steamer wetsuits for men.

4. Meltdown Thermo

The Meltdown thermos lining is a proven success and provides you with a lot of warmth on the water. This lining keeps you warm and helps you to get on the water even if the weather is bad. Not only does it keep you warm, it also has a maximum flex, so you won’t have any issues with your movement on the water! Find it at the Yukon 4/3 (men), Progress (men), Aspen Slate (women) and the youngster steamer wetsuit Malmo 4/3 .

5. Xtend Force

All the Jobe steamer wetsuits feature Xtend Force seam technology for added durability and flex. On top of the seams a fluid rubber tape is placed: it is the icing on the Jobe wetsuit cake!

With these innovations Jobe once again proves they stick to their mission of getting you on the water! Find out more about the Jobe steamer wetsuits.