Aaron Gunn – Home & Away

August 31, 2017

Aaron Gunn absolutely kills it on the cable. Watch him do that as well as discuss travel, pre-contest jitters, and transferring from a boat to cable with Jeff McKee.


Rumor has it you are competing on Australian ninja warrior…
Is that true? I can’t reveal anything but it could quite possibly be true.

Wake park world is coming up in just a month down in Philippines…
You’ve already got to world championships under your belt, any special training techniques to prepare yourself for a third? Not really any special training just time on the water getting my shit dialed in for the event!


We heard if you win plastic playgrounds again next year that the owner of the cable park will be giving you his Porsche…True or false?
TRUE! Haha kidding but I totally wish it were true. Stu is a rad guy and that event is always a blast.

When we sponsored you just about two years ago you were working part time as a forklift driver in Australia. Are you still working at gig?
Yeah still slaving away at that place, working 5 days a week when I’m home and riding on the weekends.

We saw you got a new tattoo on your calf and it looks sick! What does it mean to you?
It means I liked it so I f%%#ing got it! Haha. Classic Aussie response.


We’ve brought you along on quite a few trips with the Slingshot team now… How difficult is it is to hang out with all these assholes?
Yeah I mean it’s quite a hassle having to go on so many trips to epic locations with such a bunch of wankers Nah! The Slingshot family is amazing and I love every single one of them!

What’s been your favorite cable park feature to hit over the past year and where was it?
Hmmmm I would have to say my favourite feature was the Munich mash big air feature!

Is it true that Slingshot threw you a party in Venice Italy this summer with over 3000 guests on the list? Yeah what can I say, when Slingshot goes in, they go all in! That was one epic party!


The 2018 gear is dropping in just a few short weeks… What can you tell us about your set up for the next season?
Let’s just say that it’s my favourite set up from Slingshot that I’ve had and I can’t wait to share it with everyone!

We assume you’ll be riding the big size?
It’s like they always say…bigger is better! Softer landings, better on the knees, and doesn’t slow me down in the air. I’ll be riding the 152cm for all of 2018.


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