2018 Reader's Poll Results!

Find out who took top honors in our biggest poll ever!

  • The Reader's Poll is one of the longest running traditions at Wakeboarding. For over two decades readers have been able to vote for their favorite riders. No gimmicks. Whether you like a rider for their video parts, contest results, or fashion choices, you can vote him or her as your favorite. Earning a spot on the poll has become a badge of honor among riders because, well let's be honest, having people vote you as a favorite feels pretty awesome.

  • Over the past few years the Reader's Poll has grown, thanks in large part to the web, social media, and the international growth of our sports. With that, we decided to grow the Reader's Poll as well. Aside from riders, there are two other parts of wakeboarding that fans are passionate about: boats and boards. This year we let you, the readers, vote for your favorites in those categories, on top of the traditional Pro Male Rider, Pro Female Rider, and Pro Wakeskater. Some of the results might not surprise, and some you might find quite surprising. That is the fun with something like Reader's Poll. What stood out to us more than the results, was the response. The number of ballots cast blew away any of the past Reader's Polls, which means wake fans are more engaged than ever. Without further adieu, here is how you all voted...

  • Favorite Pro Male Wakeboarder

  • 3. Shaun Murray

  • 2018 Reader's Poll Results!
    Shaun Murray has made every Reader's Poll list since it was started.Rodrigo Donoso
  • Shaun Murray's amazing journey as a pro rider continues. He has made every single Reader's Poll since it was started back in 1996. That is not only some amazing longevity, but it goes to show just how well-liked Shaun has been. Yes, he's an unbelievable wakeboarder, even later into his riding years, but more importantly he's one of the nicest, coolest guys you'll ever meet, and readers continue to love him for it (and we do too).

  • 2. Harley Clifford

  • 2018 Reader's Poll Results!
    Harley Clifford doing his thing on the PWT.Garrett Cortese
  • Harley isn't just one of the best, most consistent riders on the planet, he's also one of the most popular. Don't let his laid-back, Aussie attitude fool you, the guy has some serious killer instinct when it comes to riding a wakeboard well. Harley has been at the top of the game for close to a decade, winning countless contests, landing moves regularly that nobody else can land, and keeping fans entertained around the world.

  • 1. David O'Caoimh

  • 2018 Reader's Poll Results!
    From 2nd to 1st, David O'Caoimh quickly made his way to the top of the Reader's Poll.Garrett Cortese
  • If this isn't one of the feel-good stories of 2018 we're not sure what is. David was first put on the Reader's Poll ballot last year and made it all the way to 2nd place. This year, he took the top spot. The Irishman's global following continues to grow, as he reaches millions via his YouTube channel. By highlighting the fun of wakeboarding with his easy-going, quirky sense of humor, fans flock to David's videos and showed up in droves to vote for him as their favorite wakeboarder.

  • Top 10
    10. Rusty Malinoski
    9. Parks Bonifay
    8. Mike Dowdy
    7. Cory Teunissen
    6. Tony Iacconi
    5. Nic Rapa
    4. Steel Lafferty
    3. Shaun Murray
    2. Harley Clifford
    1. David O'Caoimh

  • Favorite Pro Female Wakeboarder

  • 1. Meagan Ethell

  • 2018 Reader's Poll Results!
    Meagan making the most of an epic morning on Lake Michigan.Ryan Taylor
  • The current queen of wakeboarding continues her reign at the top of the sport. Last year she finished 3rd in the Reader's Poll, but she won Best Female Rider at Wake Awards for the fourth consecutive year. For the past few years Meagan has been pushing herself and the limits of women's riding, all with her sweet, Midwestern charm. She might come across as quiet and a little awe-shucks, but the Illinois native is one of the most determined riders on the planet, and it shows both on and off the water. That charm and success has made her one of the most popular riders in the world, and it shows in the results of this year's Reader's Poll.

  • Top 5
    5. Anna Nikstad
    4. Zahra Kell
    3. Amber Wing
    2. Dallas Friday
    1. Meagan Ethell

  • Favorite Pro Wakeskater

  • 1. Reed Hansen

  • 2018 Reader's Poll Results!
    Reed Hansen still makes the most out of Battle Falls, and is still the favorite wakeskater for our readers.Garrett Cortese
  • Once again Reed made the top of the Reader's Poll, and it's pretty easy to see why. Not only is he an amazing wakeskater, but he's one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet, and he's pretty fun to follow around on social media, too. Whether he's stomping never-done-before tricks and dropping jaws, or goofing around on a gator hunt with some buddies, Reed finds ways to keep us all entertained.

  • Top 3
    3. Daniel Grant
    2. Brian Grubb
    1. Reed Hansen

  • Favorite Board Brand Team

  • This year we decided to bring board teams into the mix. There are some powerhouses in our sport these days, so this was bound to be a close battle. In fact, it was the closest of all the categories. Here are your favorite board brand teams.

  • 1. Liquid Force

  • 2018 Reader's Poll Results!
    The LF team is stacked full of talent and fun.Courtesy Liquid Force
  • There must be something in the water in Encinitas, California, because the fun-loving crew at Liquid Force has some passionate fans. From legends like LF lifers Shane Bonifay and Shawn Watson, to powerhouses Harley Clifford and Meagan Ethell, to all-around badasses like Guenther Oka and Raph Derome, the LF team is stacked full of talent and fun, unique riders.

  • Top 3
    3. Hyperlite
    2. Ronix
    1. Liquid Force

  • Favorite Boat Brand

  • Boat owners have been debating about what boat is best since somebody figured out wood floats... In wakeboarding the passion for boat brands runs deep, and that showed in the first Favorite Boat Brand category in the Reader's Poll. Of course, you can't go wrong with any of these brands, they're all amazing.

  • 1. Nautique

  • 2018 Reader's Poll Results!
    Nautique has been putting out amazing boats for decades.Courtesy Nautique
  • The Orlando-based company most famous for the introduction of the G-series, Nautique has been putting out amazing boats and wowing fans for decades. Whether you learned to ride on a 2001 Ski Nautique, one of the first Super Sports, or a G23, chances are you'll never forget your Nautique.

  • Top 3
    3. Malibu
    2. MasterCraft
    1. Nautique