2018 Malibu TXi

Waterskiing Review
There isn't much that hasn't already been said about the Malibu Response TXi; It's at the top of the class. We skied behind the 2018 TXi at 34.2 miles per hour at 28 off. Simply put, there's nothing we didn't like about the TXi wake. This is a top-level boat for serious skiers and it doesn't disappoint in any facets. It gets 10's across the board. The pull is firm and consistent, the wake is symmetrical, consistent, and has virtually no bump. If you're a serious skier who demands the best in performance, the Response TXi is built for you.

2018 Malibu TXiWBM

The 2018 Malibu TXi is a high performance, world-class slalom ski boat built on the legendary Response reputation. Here are three of our favorite things about the TXi.

Without a doubt the wake--or lack thereof-- takes center stage on the 2018 Response TXI. Smooth, small, passable wakes with a miniscule trough and almost non-existent chine spray all combine to make one of the best slalom wakes on the market. When it's time for three-event, the record breaking TXi hull gives you a smooth, even and consistent ramp to throw your next trick.

The TXi's dash is exactly what you'd expect from a modern, world-class ski boat. Analog gauges are a thing of the past so Malibu replaced them with two touch screens with seamless Zero Off integration. Doing away with analog also allows the TXi's dash to be mercifully clean and low-profile for optimal driver field of view. There's also a phone holder that comes in extremely handy as well as alloy frames that showcase the touch screens.

Ski racks
The TXi's ski racks are simple but extremely functional, which is a powerful and elusive combination in the boating world. Your ski sits flush with the gunwale and out of the way so you spend more time on the water and less time tuning your fin and stubbing your toes.

2018 Malibu TXiWBM