Best Wakeboards for Women

Diverse options and killer graphics on 2016 women's wakeboards


We’ve come a long way from all the girl graphics of old, covered in butterflies and glitter, to a now very diverse range of options to fit any rider’s preference. While some of these women’s wakeboards share the same shape as their male counterparts, the preferences of the female riders on the team are used to craft these rides into the perfect ladies’ boards — and let’s be honest, the killer graphics have a lot to do with that. Happy shopping!

women wakeboards

Ronix Limelight

Feels lively underfoot. Ronix

Does this board look familiar? Well, it should, because it’s featured on the cover of the magazine you’re holding. That’s right, it’s none other than Dallas Friday’s pro model, the Limelight. It features a camber arc with very little drag, Ronix speedwalls, and an overall riding style that sits nice and high on the water. This increases its glide speed and makes it feel lively underfoot. It’s not one to miss!

Sizes: 132 cm, 136 cm | MRSP: $470

Slingshot wakeboards

Slingshot Pearl

A dream come true for female wakeboarders. Slingshot

The Slingshot Pearl is a dream come true for female wakeboarders who crave versatility in women’s wakeboards. From hitting rails to hitting wakes and anything in between, this board delivers. Featuring a continuous rocker and a medium flex pattern throughout, the Pearl is the perfect crossover for boat and cable. Read our full review here >>

Sizes: 134 cm, 137 cm | MRSP: $449

women wakeboards

CWB Wild Child

A versatile board ­capable of suiting any level of rider. CWB

The Wild Child is a versatile board ­capable of suiting any level of rider, ­beginner to pro. It features a deep ­center channel, a lifted rail, a subtle three-stage rocker, long-based molded-­in fins and a center spine. These features allow the board to sit deep in the water, track well, pop hard and land soft. It’s no wonder this shape has been so popular in the CWB line.


Sizes: 131 cm, 136 cm | MSRP: $480


Hyperlite Socialite

Wake-park-friendly construction. Hyperlite

The Socialite is a wake-park ­contender inspired by ­Hyperlite team rider Courtney Angus. Boasting a c­­ontinuous ­r­ocker; a featureless, jib-friendly tip and tail; edge channels in the belly for extra traction with and without fins; a crossover core; a strategic flex pattern; and a durable, wake-park-friendly construction, this board is aimed to overwhelmingly satisfy any avid park rider.

Sizes: 135 cm, 139 cm | MSRP: $540


Jobe Grace

Well-placed channels for comfortable. Jobe

Pro model to Jobe team rider Maxine Sapulette, the Grace doesn’t mess around when it comes to its construction, featuring a three-stage rocker, ABS sidewalls, a blended core, a strategic flex pattern, durable base material, and well-placed channels for comfortable, finless tracking. One good look at the Grace, and it’s quite obvious that Jobe pulled out all the stops for this one.

Sizes: 127 cm, 134 cm, 138 cm | MSRP: $500


Liquid Force Melissa

Ideal go-anywhere hybrid wakeboard. Liquid Force

Melissa Marquardt’s pro model board was designed for the travel junkie in us all. Features include a continuous ­rocker, a triaxial glass layup, a triple wooden stringer and polyurethane core, concave beveled liquid rails, quad slider fins, and a grind base, all rolled up into the ideal go-anywhere hybrid wakeboard. From the boat to the wake park, the Melissa is the perfect travel companion.


Sizes: 127 cm, 131 cm, 135 cm | MSRP: $450

women wakeboards

O’Brien Spark

A fun, lively and stable platform. O’Brien

Not only is the Spark the pro model to O’Brien team rider Tarah Mikacich, but it also comes equipped with a three-stage rocker line, a feather core, a full step-down rail and a Delta base. This unique Delta base effectively decreases drag and keeps the board from feeling “stuck” to the water underfoot, giving you a fun, lively and stable platform to learn on.

Sizes: 133 cm, 137 cm | MSRP: $420

Women wakeboards

Ronix Quarter ‘Til Midnight

Wake-park-friendly base material. Ronix

The Quarter ‘Til Midnight was engineered to be quite the crossover board. It’s hard to argue with features like a continuous rocker, a strategic flex ­pattern, and a durable construction complete with speedwalls and wake-park-friendly base material. To top it all off, this board will sit underfoot of Julia Rick and many other female members of the Ronix family in 2016.

Sizes: 130 cm, 135 cm | MSRP: $470


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