2016 Tigé RZR Review

wakeboarding boat
2016 Tigé RZRWBM

Wakeboard Boat Review

Tigé's RZR is the same all-purpose luxury 20-footer you're already familiar with, but for 2016, it got some noteworthy tweaks and one big step forward. The RZR is for the small-boat lover who wants to surf and doesn't want to compromise on the luxury extras of a top-notch inboard.

Tigé has entered the evenly weighted surf game with the TAPS 3 surf system, and the company integrated its industry-first Surf Link remote so you can create a wave on either side and adjust it while you’re surfing. Switch from side to side with the center button and adjust the wave with the up or down button. Tigé’s interiors are some of the best on the market year after year. We love the look of the diamond stitching, the vinyl panels have a plethora of different textures to choose from, and everything is ergonomic. For 2016, the RZR now has premium nonskid decking as standard. At the dash, Tigé Touch2 is the standout. Tigé keeps refining the user interface to make things more and more intuitive, like the new swipe function that takes you from menu to menu like a smartphone. Tigé Touch2 is simple and effective, and it doesn’t sacrifice on either the in-depth or surface features you’re going to use when you’re driving the RZR.