2016 Tigé R20 Review

wakeboarding boat
2016 Tigé R20WBM

Wakeboard Boat Review

The smallest boat in the budget-friendly R Series, Tigé's R20 puts function at a premium but keeps the price low by minimizing some of the luxury you'll find on higher-end Tigé boats. Perfect for the no-nonsense buyer who is just looking to surf and ride a small boat that's easy to trailer and store.

It’s important to punctuate the fact that the R Series doesn’t sacrifice on performance. The R20 has the same ballast numbers as the RZR — which is the luxury 20-footer — and for 2016, you can get the TAPS 3 surf system on the R20, which means evenly weighted surfing. Tigé released the Surf Link remote last year, and it interfaces with the TAPS 3 surf system so you can control not only the wave’s shape but also when it switches. And while it may not have all the tech, you might be surprised by how good this budget boat looks. You’ve got the signature Tigé diamond stitching, a vinyl accent is on the base of the new diamond tower, and the dash looks minimal and modern. There’s even a touchscreen on this little budget boat. It’s small, but it works and it saves you time, as well as the hassle of dealing with analog gauges. It even has Zero Off GPS speed control as standard, which is arguably the most important feature you can get on a boat.