2016 Supreme S238 Review

wakeboarding boat
2016 Supreme S238WBM

Wakeboard Boat Review

The budget-friendly Supreme S238 is a first for the company, and it brings a few standout performance and interior features that are really going to impress you. This boat is great for the recreational first- or second-time buyer who wants more space but doesn't want to pay for a lot of luxury features.

You may not believe you’re in a value class when you sit in this boat because the fit and finish on the interior is so strong. There are five different panels that are customizable with different colors so you can come up with any combination you want. New foam flooring options are durable and provide a low-maintenance alternative to carpet. Surf performance is strong as well. The S238 was designed to surf with its extra-high freeboard, and it shows through in its swell. The QuickSurf system lets you make a wave on either side by flipping the two rocker switches at the dash in opposite directions, and you can tweak the wave with ballast and the center wake plate from there to get everything you need from the surf wave. The S238 is going to come in at a pretty low price, and considering the quality and the fact that it’s every bit of 23 feet 8 inches long, that’s a lot of boat for the price.