2016 Supreme S211 Review

wakeboarding boat
2016 Supreme S211WBM

Wakeboard Boat Review

The Supreme S211 is the smallest boat in the line, but this budget-friendly package still has a lot to offer in the way of surfing and aesthetics. If recreational surfing is your passion, and you don't need a lot of technology to tweak your wave, consider the S211.

The quick-fill ballast utilizes hull flooding to ingest water, which is still the most logical way to get weight into a boat, and with Supreme’s execution, it’s a highlight because it allows you to use gravity to fill the boat quickly. All you have to do to fill it is open the gate; reverse the process when you’re on plane, and it drains just as easily. The QuickSurf system has a blade on the back of either side of the boat that allows you to create a wave quickly and easily by hitting a couple of buttons at the dash. The system cleans up pretty nice with the wake plate, and you never have to move from the helm seat to create a surf wave on either side. The S211 brings a lot to the table in the way of luxury fit and finish for a value-class boat. The dash looks high end, the interior vinyl is sleek, and the durable foam flooring will last forever.