2016 MasterCraft XStar Review

wakeboarding boat
2016 MasterCraft XStarWBM

Wakeboard Boat Review

MasterCraft's flagship wakeboard boat, the XStar, is an upscale wake maker with one-of-a-kind features found on no other inboard. If you're looking for a unique wakeboard-and-surf boat that has otherworldly styling, stands out from the crowd, and likes a lot of weight, the XStar is for you.

The XStar is truly in a style class all its own, which includes some really innovative seating. The convertible bench-style seat in the back has three different positions, and, in true MasterCraft form, it moves smoothly between them without engineering pain points. The observer seat is also a convertible and was specifically designed to get more people in the boat facing the action. The bow sports triple bucket seats that face backward. The XStar’s distinct shape kinks through the middle with a pronounced pickle-fork bow that’s something out of a sci-fi movie. Put the shape together with MasterCraft’s unique branding reserved for the XStar and you’ve got a killer package that sets you apart from the crowd. Continuing with the nonconformist theme, the XStar’s dash is like nothing else out there, including those on other MasterCraft boats. Highlights include a pop-up center display that you can hide away when you don’t need it, and two more screens, one on either side of the steering wheel.

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