2016 Malibu M235 Review

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Wakeboard Boat Review

Malibu's ultraplush new M235 is the top of the company's line and boasts more luxury features than anything previously available. The helm isn't specific to the M235, but it fits this boat's high-end look perfectly. The 12-inch center touchscreen is glareproof, extremely water resistant, and it houses all your major driving functions with big, intuitive menu buttons.

The smaller auxiliary screen has everything you need to dial in the specifics on the new M235. The rotating dial and instrument panel is an analog control for your commonly used functions. The M235 is by far the deepest boat Malibu has ever built, and it’s a step forward from the company’s already impressive line. A deeper boat means a heavier dry weight, more seating, deeper storage, higher gunwales and, of course, more ballast capacity. These are all things that will improve your experience on the water, and this is the first time a boat this deep has been available from Malibu. Surf Gate is the original surf system, and it’s still one of the best out there. You can surf one side or the other without moving any weight, and with the Surf Band you can switch from side to side while you’re riding. The Surf Band also controls the speed and the Power Wedge II, which can tweak the wave face while you’re riding so you can get exactly what you want. With a wave this good, Surf Gate and Surf Band are a must.