WOO Wake is Coming to OWC!

June 2, 2017
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WOO Wake is Coming to OWC! WOO Wake

All of us here at WOO HQ are stoked to announce that Orlando Water Sports aka OWC aka O-Dubbs is coming onboard as a WOO Premier Park! Starting this Saturday, June 3rd, OWC will have WOOs for rent and purchase as well as be hosting WOO Wake games and challenges every week! Now you can battle it out on WOO with all your friends even if you don’t own a WOO.

To kick things off OWC is hosting a weekend long WOO demo where you can rent the WOO for FREE and take part in daily contests to win awesome prizes and bragging rights! Been wanting to try the WOO? Here’s your chance!

The WOO Crew will be there all weekend helping out, taking photos of everyone riding with WOO, and shredding. Come on out for a fun weekend, challenge your friends and get in the Game!


WOO Wake is the newest game for Wakeboarders where you can push your limits, challenge friends, and have more fun while riding! Attach the WOO Sensor to your board and go ride, the WOO detects all of your jumps giving you a score based on how big you go, how difficult your tricks are and how well you land. After you ride simply download your results to the WOO Sports App to see how you did and how you stacked up against your friends.

How does WOO score my tricks?
WOO scores each jump based on a couple of factors. It detects how big you go, how much you spin, if you flip, and how cleanly you land. Charge your next hit, get more airtime and boost your score. Throw your best trick Switch and get even more points. Take your next hit Toeside to earn a few extra points. It all counts! Want to see which tricks score higher than others? Check out the WOO Wake Tricktionary!

WOO gives you a Session Score based on your 5 highest scoring tricks, you can compete on daily, spot, country and global leaderboards. You can also see how you stack up based on your best trick, total accumulated points, number of jumps and more! Challenge your crew and other riders around the world.


Download the WOO Sports App for iOS or Android to check out sessions from around the world and see what WOO Wake is all about!

How do you challenge your friends?
With WOO challenging your friends is easy! WOO let’s you create custom challenges and leaderboards using hashtags, just put your custom hashtag in your session description and Game on!

Choose your hashtag, ex. #woocrew, set the metric, and battle it out on the water! Loser buys lunch.


So what are you waiting for? Get to OWC this weekend and Get in the Game! See how big you can go, how many points you can collect and where you stack up on the Global Leaderboard!


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