Wakesurf This: Supra SC

Supra Boats
Bill Doster Photography LLC

The crazy thing about this sub-22-footer is that it feels like a 23-footer inside. Supra makes some of the deepest boats in the industry, and the SC in particular has a really tall freeboard. Why did Supra make such a low keel and such tall gunwales? Because the SC was intended to be a surf machine, and that depth meant more ballast and more roll for listed surfing. Now, of course you can use Supra's Swell Surf System and not have to worry about the rub rail going below the waterline, but this depth is still useful when you're slamming the relatively small hull with ballast - and there's the added bonus that it feels huge inside. With the Swell system, the SC is definitely a contender for the best surf wave in the line, producing a massive wave on one side or the other with the boat evenly weighted. We surfed it at the barrel setting using the Vision Touch screen, and it was one of the tallest, most powerful surf-system waves of any boat. The Swell system likes a little more even front-to-back weighting than a lot of the other surf systems out there, and just a little more weight on the side you're surfing produces epic results on the SC. The other built-in preset for the Swell system is a skim setting that mellows and lengthens the wave, which is perfect for transfers, because you're not trying to hop over such a huge rooster tail. Use the Swell system, the Smart Plate and ballast to dial in the wave you want after trying the presets. Fill all 2,900 pounds of factory ballast for the maximum surf effect.

Supra Boats

Dig This: The SC is a full-fledged surfboat with all the trimmings. Storage, a quality tower, rear-facing seating and the new Indmar Raptor series of engines take this boat to elite status. Raptor engines are designed specifically to have quicker hole shots with less fuel consumption under load, which makes them perfect for water sports.

Stat: One of the great things about a Supra is the all-inclusive price. Instead of nickel-and-diming you for options, the company includes high-end features like GPS Speed Control, the Vision Touch Screen, and even a climate-controlled captain's chair in the base price.

Length 21’8"
Beam 102”
Dry Weight 4,300 lb.
Fuel Capacity 49 gal.
Seating Capacity 14
Standard Ballast 2,900 lb.
Standard Horsepower 400 hp
Maximum Horsepower 550 hp