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Everything you need to know about wakeboarding gear

If you’re new to wakeboarding, wakesurfing or the water sports industry in general, welcome to the party and congrats on choosing an activity and lifestyle that will bring you many years of happiness. If you’re unsure of how to go about getting the right wakeboarding gear for your needs, don’t fret. We’ve simplified the buying process by explaining the benefits of different equipment options and features and how they relate to performance for a broad range of ability levels.

With so many options available to you when purchasing new wakeboarding gear, where do you even begin? Allow us to give you some key information on many of the features found on today’s equipment. Armed with this new knowledge, you’ll be able to purchase wakeboarding gear that’s a great match for your riding style.

Round Up


  • Whether you're just learning and need stability at slower speeds, or want big air and soft landings, the Nomad can do it all.
  • Welcome to Massi Piffaretti's first pro model, the Happy Hour. Take the pop and surf feel of the One and combine it with the 3-stage of the Bill.
  • The board of the ultimate freerider Danny Harf, the One ATR is the less expensive version of the One Timebomb.
  • Dean Smith's latest pro model, the Darkside is designed for riders who edge a little more tail-heavy but still want explosive, 3-stage pop.
  • This classic, versatile shape has been made even more forgiving to benefit beginner and intermediate riders.
  • The S.O.B. is part of O'Brien's Park Series, but it has been one of the most versatile boards around for several years now as its flex pattern and construction.

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