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The art of buying wakeboard boots

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When picking wakeboard boots, keep in mind that it can be argued they are your most important piece of equipment. They are the direct line of communication between you and your board. You can have a board that perfectly suits your riding style and ability, but if you have boots that are uncomfortable or don’t fit properly, your set is going to be over faster than your buddy can powerturn at the end of the lake. Just as with shoes, there is no such thing as a universal perfect fit in wakeboard boots. What might work for you could be horrible for your friend, even if you have the same ability and ride together. It all comes down to what fits your foot and your riding style. This is why it’s so important to try on different boot models. Outside of pure comfort, keep in mind that a stiffer, more supportive boot will react more quickly, translate your movement more ­efficiently, and generally offer more support, especially through the ankle. Softer boots allow more mobility, which is ideal for poking out grabs or pressing on rails, while still offering a secure fit. Let’s face it: Happy feet mean better riding, longer sets and more progression, so it’s well worth it to find the optimal boot for you. Here we break down some key features and terminology on the latest boots to bring you up to speed.

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