Wake Boats of the Miami International Boat Show

The Miami Boat Show featured some amazing wake boats.

While the Miami International Boat Show is most well known for giant offshore, saltwater boats, there is still a solid presence from the three big wake boat companies: Malibu/Axis, Nautique, and MasterCraft. We made sure to check out some of the 2018 models on the floor and snapped a few photos in the process. Take a look below and see what we saw, and be sure to check out our reviews of some of the participating boats in our 2018 Boat Buyer's Guide!

Axis A24

Axis A24Garrett Cortese

The Axis A24 makes a strong statement in the Malibu/Axis booth headed up by the crew from Tommy's Florida.

The Axis A24 features a sleek, stylish look.Garrett Cortese
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Malibu 25 LSV

Malibu 25 LSVGarrett Cortese

This all-white 25 LSV with the brown interior is absolutely gorgeous. We might have drooled on it a little bit...

The Malibu 25 LSV is equipped with a massive lounge.Garrett Cortese
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Nautique GS24

Nautique GS24Garrett Cortese

The new GS24 crossover was a sight to behold. It's crazy to think that a 24-foot V-drive can also pull a slalom skier, but the GS24 is for real, and it's gorgeous!

The GS24 is packed full of technology for better rides and entertaining.Garrett Cortese
Nautique's GS24 has loads of comfortable seating.Garrett Cortese

MasterCraft XT25

MasterCraft XT25Garrett Cortese

MasterCraft had its brand new XT25 on display. This is an awesome looking 25-foot boat. The new dual screen dash setup is really nice, too.

MasterCraft's XT25 is a crossover boat with features for a variety of water sports needs.Garrett Cortese
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