Wake Awards – Guenther Oka Wins Third Straight Full Scope Award

Guenther’s streak continues, as does his all-around domination of the sport.
Guenther Oka Full Scope Award winner
Guenther Oka’s ability to ride his board anywhere behind any pull and still push the sport in new directions has helped him win the Full Scope Award three years in a row. Wakeboarding Magazine

To say that Guenther Oka has been on a wakeboarding hot streak would be a bit of an understatement. Ok, a gigantically laughable understatement. For three years the kid from Ohio has dominated wakeboarding around the globe in a way not seen since Raph Derome circa 2012-14. Oka has won the Full Scope Award at Wake Awards each of those three years, cementing himself as the best all-around rider in the game. He added to his hardware this year with a Best Park/Rail Rider award, as well as a Readers Poll award for Favorite Park/Rail Rider. Some might wonder if Guenther can keep it up going into 2020 and beyond, but the only thing we’re wondering is who out there can actually catch him?

Guenther Oka wrapped backside 360
Keeping it fresh behind the boat with this wrapped backside 360. Garrett Cortese
Guenther Oka indy backside lipslide
Keeping it fresh in the park with this indy backside lipslide. Bryan Soderlind