2019 Wakeboarding Readers Poll Results

The fans have spoken and the results are in: these are the 2019 Readers Poll winners!
2019 Wakeboarding Readers Poll Results
2019 Wakeboarding Readers Poll Results Wakeboarding

The biggest fan-driven contest in wakeboarding got even bigger this year. First conducted in the pages of Wakeboarding in 1996, the Readers Poll brings the opinions of you, the readers, to the forefront. As it has grown in size and clout the last few years, we’ve added categories to reflect the growth of the sports and what you care about. Below you will see how the voting shook out. Did your favorites make the list?!

Favorite Male Wakeboarder – Boat

1. David O’Caoimh

David O'Caoimh launches big air
There’s no denying that David O’Caoimh loves wakeboarding. Sean O’Brien

The fun-loving Irishman continues to use his YouTube channel and unique skills to bring eyeballs to the sport, and because of it, he has a worldwide fanbase stoked to catch his latest creations. Whether or not he lands the hardest tricks or wins the most contests is beside the point, because this is the Readers Poll, where fans vote for their favorites. With that global reach David is bringing wakeboarding to more people than ever, and making a name for himself (and that’s saying something, because his name is crazy!)

2. Shaun Murray

Shaun Murray having fun wakeboarding
Decades later, Shaun Murray is still having fun, and is still a fan favorite. Rodrigo Donoso

Take notes kids: the 40-something-year-old Murray, whose career began back in the early 90s, is as popular as ever, and for good reason. He’s easy to like and he makes wakeboarding fun. And he still rips. Since its inception in 1994, Shaun Murray has made the final list on the Readers Poll EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR.


3. Harley Clifford

Harley Clifford hitting the wake
Harley Clifford is still one of the best in the game. Scratch that, he’s one of the best ever. Courtesy Liquid Force

One of the best riders to ever strap on a wakeboard, Harley Clifford has done it all, and he’s still just 26. With a bag of tricks as big as any rider ever, and an uncanny ability to pull them out anytime at any place, Harley has become one of the most popular riders in the sport.

4. Cory Teunissen

Cory Teunissen blasting off
Whether out crushing the PWT (and interacting with the fans) or putting down insane freeride lines, Cory Teunissen remains among the best and most popular riders. Garrett Cortese

The young Aussie’s rise to the top of the sport is paralleled by his popularity, and for good reason. Cory is as laid back and fun-loving as he is talented. Wherever he goes he attracts a crowd and always takes time to interact with and have fun with the fans.

5. Tyler Higham

Tyler Higham's jaw-dropping riding
Tyler Higham’s jaw-dropping riding has helped him rise to the top as a favorite, of both fans and his peers. Garrett Cortese

First he goes and wins Best Boat Rider in Wake Awards, now he’s in the Top 5 for Favorite Male Wakeboarder. Tyler Higham’s 2019 has been an epic one, and with a style uniquely his own and an ability to land some of the hardest tricks in the game, Tyler is well positioned to dominate in the years to come.


Favorite Male Wakeboarder – Park

1. Guenther Oka

Guenther Oka riding the park
Guenther Oka’s park riding is some of the best in the game. Not only did he win this year’s Best Park & Rail Rider at Wake Awards, but he’s also the fan favorite! Bryan Soderlind

Guenther’s domination in the park has long been appreciated by his peers, and now fans are catching on more than ever. This year Guenther once again traveled the globe and laid claim to a variety of wake park victories and podium finishes. He not only pushes boundaries when he’s on the water, but he’s as humble and easy-going as they come when off of it.

2. Max Van Helvoort

Max Van Helvoort rides the Netherlands
A big part of Max’s return to the limelight came from the Red Bull project that took him back home: Unlock the Netherlands. Jarno Schurgers / Red Bull

The Dutchman’s return to prominence in the sport has not gone unnoticed. All you had to do was stay tuned to social media to see the jaw-dropping projects he’s been part of – not to mention his insane skills.

3. Liam Peacock

Liam Peacock taking the park world by storm
Liam Peacock has been taking the wake park world by storm the last couple of years, and in doing so become one of the most popular riders around the globe. With his recent Trick of the Year win, that is only going to continue. Bryan Soderlind

Speaking of prominence in the sport, Liam Peacock has quickly become one of the best in the wake park game with an unbelievable set of skills. The guy charges unlike any other rider, and he’s got the ability to push the sport to new heights. Just take a look at his Wake Awards-winning Trick of the Year…

4. Daniel Grant

Daniel Grant hitting the park
Since he was a little grom traveling the globe, Daniel Grant has been one of the best and most popular riders in the sport. That has not changed in 2019, other than his age and continued progression. Bryan Soderlind

Nobody rides wake parks like Daniel Grant, and nobody ever will. All grown up from his days as a globe-trotting grom, Daniel attacks wake parks like only he can, all the while keeping all those around him entertained and inspired.

5. John Dreiling

John Dreiling hard-charging full-send
John Dreiling’s hard-charging full-send style have propelled him to the forefront of park riding and fans have more than taken notice. Rodrigo Donoso

Who says “sponsor me” tapes don’t work these days? Following a series of solid video releases and contest results – included the aforementioned “tongue-in-cheek” version of a sponsor vid – John Dreiling quickly became a rider lots of fans could relate to.

Favorite Female Wakeboarder

1. Meagan Ethell

Meagan Ethell boosting air
Meagan Ethell has been at the forefront of women’s riding for the better part of a decade, and she’s also been one of the most popular. Garrett Cortese

Meagan’s hard charging style combined with her upbeat, energetic personality make her a fan favorite. She’s the reigning 6x Best Female Rider from Wake Awards, and this is her second consecutive time voted as a fan favorite.

2. Anna Nikstad

Anna Nikstad making wakeboarding look awesome
Whether she’s charging insane lines or taking a mellow cruise, Anna Nikstad makes wakeboarding look awesome, and fans love her for it. Bryan Soderlind

The leader of the freeride park movement, Anna Nikstad charges as hard as anybody: male or female. With a smooth style and a knack for putting down some creative lines, Anna has carved out a niche all her own in wakeboarding, and has a growing fanbase in fully support.

3. Zahra Kell

Zahra Kell launching
Zahra Kell had one of the best years on the competitive circuit this year, which helped make the young Australian one of the most popular riders as well. Brett Hemmings

4. Courtney Angus

Courtney Angus at the park
Courtney Angus has long been one of the most progressive park riders in the sport, not to mention one of the most popular. Courtney Angus

Wherever she goes you can guarantee Courtney Angus is having a good time. And probably shredding. Her fun-loving personality, combined with her ripping abilities, have made her a fan favorite for years.

5. Bec Gange

Bec Gange pulling huge air
Bec Gange has been living the endless summer for years, and consistently progressing her riding and the world of women’s wakeboarding. Bradlee Rutledge

Bec Gange has done it all over the years, and the Australian isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Her skills and Down Under temperament make her a favorite wherever she is in the world.

Favorite Viral Moment

1. Rusty Malinoski & Steel Lafferty – Rusty vs. Steel

Rusty vs Steel big air
In the initial double up battle between Rusty Malinoski and Steel Lafferty, the two went as big as they could, and actually tied! Garrett Cortese

The Instagram “beef” that turned into one of the coolest contests of the years. Of course, it’s not real beef when it’s two buddies and MasterCraft teammates like Rusty Malinoski and Steel Lafferty, but it’s just as entertaining. In fact, it probably made the smack talk that much more entertaining. Of course, the double up hits speak for themselves. You can relive the action right here!

2. Cory Teunissen – Line of Hammers

Don’t act like your jaw didn’t drop when you first saw this. Or when you re-watched it for the 37th time. Watch it again…

3. Parks Bonifay – Barefoot Shred

Watching Parks shred with his bare feet will never get old. Check it out…

4. Steel Lafferty – Bottlecap Challenge

The video that went beyond viral… and made people think Steel was ruining the environment. HE PICKED IT UP, OK!!! Thanks, Steel! Watch this craziness again here.

5. Bob Soven – Wakesurf Kickflip

Leave it to Bob Soven to go and stomp something like this

Favorite Pro Wakeskater

1. Daniel Grant

Daniel Grant in the park
Daniel Grant has long been one of the best wakeskaters in the world, which is crazy when you take into account his long being one of the best wakeboarders in the world too. To see him be the most popular wakeskater in 2019 is really cool, and more than well deserved! Bryan Soderlind

2. Reed Hansen

Reed Hansen wakeskating
Reed Hansen has been at the forefront of wakeskating for well over a decade, and he’s still progressing. He’s a fan favorite for a lot of reasons – and he’s probably one of yours. Bryan Soderlind

3. Brian Grubb

Brian Grubb wakeskating
Wakeskating wouldn’t be where it is without the tireless efforts of Brian Grubb. He still gets after it like only he can and helps bring wakeskating around the world. Bryan Soderlind

4. Andrew Pastura

The King of Wakeskating Andrew Pastura
The King of Wakeskating continues to be one of the most popular, and for good reason. Nobody rides like Andrew Pastura, and it’s safe to so nobody ever will. Bryan Soderlind

5. Nick Taylor

Nick Taylor wakeskating
It doesn’t matter what Nick Taylor rides behind, he always makes wakeskating look really cool and way too easy. The button up vacation shirt, helps too. Bryan Soderlind

Favorite Pro Wakesurfer

1. Austin Keen

2. Noah Flegel

3. Ashley Kidd

4. Sean Silveira

5. Reed Hansen

Favorite Photographer

1. Rodrigo Donoso

2. Garrett Cortese

3. Jeff Mathis

4. Steffen Vollert

5. Tyler Soden

Favorite Videographer

1. Dave AV

2. Chris Rogers

3. Shane Bonifay

4. Trever Maur

5. JB O’Neill

Favorite Board Team

1. Ronix

2. Liquid Force

3. Hyperlite

4. O’Brien

5. Slingshot

Favorite Boat Brand

1. Nautique

2. MasterCraft

3. Malibu

4. Centurion

5. Supra