Landlocked - 12 Months of Riding with Graeme Burress

Watch Graeme ride a wakeboard like only he can.

Video: Dave AV & JB O’Neill

Following his double-win at the 2019 Wake Awards with “Insight,” 2020 was supposed to be a banner year for Graeme Burress. Then he broke his arm, which required multiple surgeries and nearly six months of recovery. And just as he was getting set to start the season, COVID-19 hit and the world went on lockdown.

But do you think that stopped a guy like Graeme? Hell no. Known for going full-send full-time, the Ohio native turned Austin resident managed to team up with JB O’Neill and Dave AV to visit a bunch of cable parks around the States, not to mention hitting winch spots with his Motowinch. This video, “Landlocked,” is the result. And in typical Graeme fashion, it’s jaw-droppingly insane.