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Pro riders are on fire as the contest season nears its peak. Find out who made the podium at Wakefest, the Nautique WWA Wake Park and Wakeboarding Nationals, the Moxie Pro online boat event and more on the PWT ongoing digital stop #3.

Trent Stuckey boosting off the ramp
Trent Stuckey representing OWC park, claimed two National Titles at the 2021 Nautique WWA Wake Park Nationals in the Pro Men’s Features and Traditional divisions yesterday. In Traditional, Trent was followed by Parker Swope who placed second, brother Gavin Stuckey in third and standout snow/wake rider Fynn Bullock in fourth. In the Features category, Lucas Holmes placed second and Gavin took home another third place trophy for the Team Stuckey collection. @jeffshotthat Jefferson W Mathis
Anna Nikstad winnig first place at the Nautique WWA Wake Park National Championships
Texas native Anna Nikstad won first place in the Pro Women’s Features and Traditional events of the Nautique WWA Wake Park National Championships defeating the reigning World Champion Julia Rick from Germany. Rick placed second in both events in a close head to head competition that separated the winner and runner up by less than two points. Annie Best placed third in Features and Rivers Hedrick placed third in Traditional. The exciting competition will continue at the upcoming Moxie Pro Wake Park finals on August 22nd and at the Nautique WWA Wake Park World Championships in September. Courtesy @liquidforcewake @greyspotvisuals
Thomas Herman goes big behind the boat
Indiana teen Thomas Herman improves by the minute. The rookie on the tour got the highest score in the Semifinals at the Pro Wake Tour Digital Event #3, winning the fan vote and advancing into the final round. Voting is Live until Friday at Midnight, the winner will be announced this weekend. @haydenbsmith Hayden Bradley
Meagan Ethell wins the Nautique WWA Wakeboard National Title
Reigning World Champ Meagan Ethell wins the Nautique WWA Wakeboard National Title in a close battle with Nautique Wake Series point leader Mary Morgan Howell and six time World Wakeboard Champion Dallas Friday. Courtesy Mary Morgan Howell
Australian Cory Teunissen on the number one on the podium
Australian Cory Teunissen gets his first victory of the year defeating fellow countryman Nic Rapa and US Masters Champion Guenther Oka against a stacked heat of elite pro riders that are taking the level of riding into unforeseen heights. @thewwa
Mary Morgan Howell holds on to the leader's golden bib
After placing second at the National Championships, US Masters Champion Mary Morgan Howell holds on to the leader’s golden bib of the Nautique Wake Series a few points ahead of runner up Meagan Ethell. Courtesy Mary Morgan Howell
Mary Morgan Howell with her father
Mary Morgan Howell making her father proud. The exciting race for the series title will be decided at the Nautique WWA Wakeboard World Championships at Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain Georgia at the end of the month. Courtesy Mary Morgan Howell
The Moxie Pro Series put on a great show
Meagan Ethell wins the Digital Boat Event of the Moxie Pro Series, followed by Argentina’s Eugenia de Amas and Australia’s Bec Gange while Mary Morgan Howell wins the fan vote. @jeffshotthat Jefferson w. Mathis
Winners at Wakefest
Meagan Ethell wins Wakefest in Tennessee, Bec Gange comes in second and Orlando’s Dallas Friday places third. Courtesy @wakefesttn
Men's winners at Wakefest
Wakefest Tennessee celebration! The first big win of the season for Australia’s Nic Rapa, the 2020 defending PWT Tour Champion, Rapa placed first, Italy’s Massi Piffaretti came in second and USA’s Guenther Oka in third. The fierce competition between the top contenders of the Pro Wake Tour will come to its conclusion in the final stop happening in Georgia on August 21st. Courtesy @wakefesttn

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Argentina's Kai Ditsch with his check after winning the shootout
The biggest winner of the event was Argentina’s Kai Ditsch, who took home a fat $25,000 check winning the shootout! Courtesy @wakefesttn

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