Pro Wakeboard Contest Scene Comes Alive

Multiple events get the contest scene cranked up.
Claudia Pagnini celebrates winning the 2021 Red Bull Wake Duel
Claudia Pagnini and Sanne Meijer celebrate at the women’s final of the 2021 Red Bull Wake Duel. Pagnini won the contest in a close battle with runner up Julia Rick. Courtesy Justine Zonne

In early June the Pro Wakeboard contest scene bustled at two different ends of the globe with the finals of the Red Bull Wake Duel 2021in Lithuania’s 313 Cable Park concurring with the first stop of the PWT Men’s Tour in Katy, Texas.

At the Red Bull Wake 2ELn in the Pro Women’s event, the big win was for Italy’s Claudia Pagnini who upset the reigning World Champion Julia Rick, from Cologne Germany in an exciting head to head battle in the duel’s contest format. Jamie Lopina from the USA placed third and Sanne Meijer from the Netherlands came in fourth.

First through third place at the Red Bull Duel
Time to celebrate! Liam Peacock first place, Pedro Caldas second and Timo Kapl third. Courtesy Vadim Broccoli

In the Pro Men’s division, British rider Liam Peacock won the contest defending his title from 2019 (the contest was postponed in 2020) Pedro Caldas from Brazil placed second and Austrian rider Timo Kapl came back to the podium after an injury winning third place.

Sam Brown holding guitar after winning PWT Stop #1
Australia’s Sam Brown is all smiles at the PWT Stop #1 in Katy, Texas taking home his first Pro Wake Tour guitar. Courtesy Jefferson W. Mathis, @jeffshotthat

At the PWT Stop #1 in Katy Texas, it was a 1-2-3 for Australia. 19-year-old underdog Sam Brown won his first Pro Tour standing up both passes and landing a “Whirly-Dick”. Brown defeated last years’ defending champion Nick Rapa and fellow Aussie Corey Teunissen who placed third.

Julia Rick getting air at the cable event
Moxie Pro Cable Event winner Julia Rick. Courtesy @panasonic_de @lumix_de

On July 5th, the Moxie Pro Series International Cable Digital Event was completed and for the second time it was a great success for the Pro Ladies. The event is sponsored by Body Glove, Supra Boats, Indmar and Alliance Wake. Last year’s winner Germany’s Julia Rick took the crown for the second year in a row edging out Best Trick winner Anna Nikstad from Texas who took the best trick honors with a stylish Nose Press BS 540. French rider Maryh Rougier came in third place with Russian phenom Lisa Baloo trailing close behind in fourth.

Anastasia Syrova was the fan vote winner
Moxie Pro Cable Event Fan Vote Winner 10-year-old Anastasia Syrova. Courtesy @mczaharov, Andrew Z

Honorary mention to ten-year-old Anastasia Syrova from Russia who made it into the final round and placed 8th with spectacular riding skills and won the Fan Vote Award.


To watch the event visit

Bec Gange boosting off the wake
Australia’s Bec Gange won the Best Boat Line at last year’s Moxie Pro. Courtesy @colevanthof

Ladies No Limits

The one of a kind pro women’s event is organized and judged by women. The contest is sponsored by Tommy’s Boats, Malibu Boats, Foundation for Women’s Wake and Go Pro. A much anticipated Final Round is stacked with an international field of the world’s best female riders and has a growing purse of $16,500. The event is being judged by an expert panel of legendary riders including Amber Wing from Australia, Melissa Marquardt from the USA and Larisa Morales from Mexico.

Zahra Kell is one to watch
Zahra Kell, the runner up at the 2019 World Wakeboard Championships, has been unable to compete internationally because of travel restrictions. Finally we’ll get to watch her ride again! Stay tuned. Courtesy @tylerhanley

The six finalists who made it through the Wild Card Qualifiers and the Semifinal Rounds are : Meagan Ethell USA, Zahra Kell Australia, Bec Gange Australia, Mary Morgan Howell USA, Tarah Mikacich USA and Japanese 14-year-old up and coming talent Hinano Kishida.


The last round of digital video edits will be posted at the end of July. To watch the contest go to

Tarah Mikacich was a double winner in the Desert
Tarah Mikacich was crowned the winner at Wake the Desert and Wake the Canyon. Both events implement Equal Pay and are sponsored by Malibu Boats. Courtesy @colevanthof

The Men’s Pro Wakeboard Tour PWT Stop #2 went down the weekend of July 10th in Birmingham, Alabama. Another first time winner Guenther Oka from the USA, who recently won his first US Masters Title, is on a roll. Oka defeated Australian Nic Rapa who placed second and Teunissen who rounded the podium in third place. Sam Brown came in fourth. In the Junior Pro Men’s division Jamie Huser from Switzerland won first place again continuing with his triumphant winning streak.

Junior Pro Men winners
PWT Stop #1 Junior Pro Men Podium 1. Jamie Huser Switzerland 2. Parker Swope USA, 3. Cody Hunnicutt USA Courtesy @jeffshotthat

Catch the action and replays at the Pro Wakeboard Tour YouTube Channel. The final stop of the PWT Tour is scheduled on August 21st in Gainesville, Georgia in conjunction with the Moxie Pro Series Women’s Boat Event Finals presented by Supra Boats.


The Moxie Pro Series Wake Park Finals will run Live the following day, on August 22nd at Terminus Wake Park in Georgia a few miles away.

Wake the Canyon winners
Wake the Canyon, Buffalo Springs, TX. Outlaw Men’s Podium Shota Tezuka in 1st, Mizuki Takahashi 2nd and Parker Swope in third. Courtesy Mizuki Takahashi

At the Texas Wake & Surf Series, Wake the Canyon and Wake the Desert it was a “repeat-feat” for winners Tarah Mikacich and Japan’s Shota Tezuka. Mikacich and Tezuka took top honors in both events in the Outlaw divisions. At Wake the Canyon it was a 1-2 for Japan. Tezuka won the event followed by fellow countryman Mizuki Takahashi, who returned to the podium after an ACL reconstruction placing second and Junior Pro rider Parker Swope from the USA in third place. In the Outlaw Women’s final Tarah Mikacich placed first with Bec Gange from Australia in 2nd and Chelsea Clark from the USA in third.

Wake the Desert women's winners
Wake the Desert Outlaw Women’s podium: 1st place Tarah Mikacich USA, 2nd Bec Gange Australia and 3rd Chelsea Clark USA Courtesy Mizuki Takahashi

Wake the Desert took place in San Angelo, TX the weekend of July 16-18. The event was sponsored by Malibu Boats and Family Powersports. In the Outlaw Men’s Final there was another win for Shota Tezuka, Victor Sanchez from the USA came in second and Mizuki Takahashi in third.

Junior Pro Women's winners
Malibu Rider Experience South Junior Pro Women’s Podium: Kira Lewis, Kitt Smith and Payton Gross Courtesy Jaysin Smitt

Honorary mention to Junior Pro riders Jamie Huser from Switzerland and Kira lewis from the USA who have been dominating the Junior Pro scene with a “clean sweep” of all major events this year. Both Huser and Lewis have won the Nautique US Junior Masters and all The Malibu Rider Experience Contests they’ve entered plus Jamie Huser has taken top honors in the Junior Pro Men’s division at both stops of the PWT.

Upcoming Live Events

  • 2021 Malibu Rider Experience EAST/WAKEFEST hosted by TNT WATERSPORTS JULY 23-25
  • 2021 Nautique WWA Wakeboard National Championships July 28-31
  • 2021 Nautique WWA Wake Park National Championships Aug 01-04
  • 2021 PWT Finals August 21 Georgia
  • 2021 Moxie Pro Boat Event Finals presented by Supra Boats August 21 Georgia
  • 2021 Moxie Pro Cable Event Finals August 22 Georgia
  • 2021 Nautique WWA Wakeboard Wold Championships Aug 25-28 Callaway Gardens Georgia
  • 2021 Wake Park World Championships presented by Nautique Boats September 09-11 Florida
  • 2021 Wakeboarding Hall of Fame Inductions – Live Celebration, September (during the Surf&Wakeboard Expo in Florida) Dates/Venue TBA

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  • Ladies No Limits Finals videos posting at the end of July
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