2021 WWA World Wakeboard Championships

Amazing riding was showcased at the event presented by Nautique Boats.

September 29, 2021
Cory Teunissen on an award-winning ride
Cory Teunissen from Australia won the prestigious 2021 WWA World Wakeboard Championships presented by Nautique Boats in Callaway Gardens, Georgia. Courtesy Miguel Menendez

August 2021 Pine Mountain, Georgia.

The Pavilion at Callaway Gardens bustled with excitement during the finals at the WWA Wakeboard World Championship. Like at the Center Court in a Wimbledon of Wake, the lush competition site historically hosts the most prestigious wakeboard tournaments where many athletic dreams are made and broken.

Meagan Ethell pre-ride visualization
Meagan Ethell visualizing her passes before finals. Courtesy Miguel Menendez

The starting dock buzzed with adrenaline as judges, photographers and athletes fidgeted around nervously. Some competitors closed their eyes, some took deep breaths, others went for a last minute dip in the water or did whatever it took to get into the zone.

Competitors lined up on the dock
Jitters at the starting dock. Andrea Gaytan

Winning at Callaway is considered a grand honor and a great feat. There are always high stakes waiting from the edge of Lake Robin, whether it’s a Masters or a World title that’s being contested, it’s a tournament for champions; reserved only for the best of the best.

Pro Women's podium at the World Championships
The Pro Women’s podium at the 2021 World Wakeboard Championships was a 1, 2, 3 for the USA. In 1st Meagan Ethell, 2nd Dallas Friday, 3rd Mary Morgan Howell. Courtesy @thewwa

Culminating a busy and successful season, Meagan Ethell won her seventh world title in an exciting pro women’s final. Winning Equal Pay at the WWA World Championships was the icing on the cake for Ethell who was fresh from her win at the PWT Team Challenge. Her team, Liquid Force, included her boyfriend Guenther Oka and the mega talented Sam Brown. The trio won the top honors and the $30,000 cash prize!

Bec Gange launching over the wake
Bec Gange from Australia competing in the Pro Women’s final. Courtesy Miguel Menendez

A stacked heat in the Pro Women’s finals included six time World Champion Meagan Ethell and six time World Champion Dallas Friday, 2021 US Masters Champion Mary Morgan Howell, Moxie Pro runner-up Eugenia De Armas from Argentina, Australian two-time World Champion Bec Gange and Swedish Champion Carro Djupsjo.

Dallas Friday’s family members
Dallas Friday’s family members are her biggest fans. Andrea Gaytan

Legend Dallas Friday continues to be an inspiration. After two decades competing as a professional wakeboarder, she stood up both passes that included brave Air Raley variations, spins and mobes and ended up in an incredibly respectable second place.

Bec Gange on the dock before her run
Bec Gange keeping cool before her turn at the starting dock, the two time World Champion had an early fall and ended in fifth position. Courtesy Miguel Menendez

Sometimes Robin Lake can get “rolly” making it difficult to master all conditions. Dallas was the only finalist that stood both passes. Ethell made a great recovery from an early fall and grabbed most of her mobes and spins. Mary Morgan Howell landed a few mobes and spins and came in third place with Argentina’s Eugenia De Armas close behind in fourth, Aussie Bec Gange placed 5th and Sweden’s Djupsjo came in 6th place.

Junior Pro Women’s Division riders on the dock
Junior Pro Women’s Division Payton Gross and Hinano Kishida watching the competition. Courtesy Miguel Menendez

As the Junior Pro women got ready for the finals, coaches, parents and friends surrounded the floating starting dock at Lake Robin’s famous Pavilion. The atmosphere was lit with a special feeling while everyone nervously awaited for their turns.

Hinano Kishida and Kitt Smith before the finals
Hinano Kishida and Kitt Smith before the finals at the World Championships. Courtesy Miguel Menendez

For many, to participate in the finals of such a prestigious event is already a victory.

Jr. Pro rider Avery Ruesegger
Jr. Pro rider Avery Ruesegger and her wakeboard dad. Andrea Gaytan

Hinano Kishida from Japan was the big standout in the Junior Pro Women’s division. She won first place with an array of amazing mobes, spins and Raleys in her pass. Kira Lewis from New Jersey rode big and clean sticking a KGB and placed second and Kitt Smith from Florida came in third.

Junior Pro Women’s Podium
Junior Pro Women’s Podium: 1st Japan Hinano Kishida, 2nd USA Kira Lewis, 3rd USA Kitt Smith. Courtesy @thewwa

In the Pro Men’s Final, Cory Teunissen from Australia took the win over the 2021 PWT Tour Champion Nic Rapa by less than 3 points.

Pro Men’s Podium at the 2021 World Wakeboard Championships
Pro Men’s Podium at the 2021 World Wakeboard Championships: 1st Cory Teunissen Australia, 2nd Nic Rapa Australia and in 3rd Tyler Higham USA. Courtesy @thewwa

Teunissen, who had a recent win at Robin Lake at the 2021 WWA Nationals, rode flawlessly, stuck the double up and took home the World Title, the World Series title and the Nautique Series title.

Tyler Higham putting together a nice ride
Tyler Higham placed third in the Pro Men’s final at the World Wakeboard Championship, scoring back to back podiums after his second place finish at the Double or Nothing contest. Courtesy Miguel Menendez

Tyler Higham from the USA placed third edging out Guenther Oka from the podium who came in fourth followed by Jake Pelot. Australia’s Sam Brown was the top qualifier into the finals but unfortunately fell early and ended up in sixth place.

Massi Piffareti with a big air
Italy’s most successful rider Massi Piffareti barely missed the final. Courtesy Miguel Menendez

Fresh from his big win at Parks Bonifay’s Double or Nothing, plus his ongoing celebrations for the 2021 launch of his signature Ronix RXT Boot in collaboration with Red Bull, Massi Piffaretti barely missed the final. The beloved athlete and member of focused on coaching and inspiring the youth and his fans.

Massi Piffaretti coaching before a ride
Massi Piffaretti coaching his fellow Italian Junior Pro Men’s teammate SJ Comollo who ended on the podium in third place. Courtesy Miguel Menendez

In the Junior Pro Men’s final, Parker Swope stood up and took the big win over Switzerland’s Jamie Huser who came back strong but missed his last trick and placed second. SJ Comollo from Italy came in third.

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Junior Pro Men's podium
1st place Parker Swope USA, 2nd Jamie Huser Switzerland and 3rd SJ Comollo Italy. Courtesy @thewwa

In the Pro Wakeskate final Coco Mendez took top honors followed by GOAT Brian Grubb and the impossibly talented Noah Flegel in third place

Wakeskate winners podium
1st Coco Mendez, 2nd Brian Grubb, 3rd Noah Flegel. Courtesy @thewwa

Honorary mention to Kane Ward who won the Boys 10-13 World Title scoring two perfect passes landing the first double flip by a ten-year-old in a competition.

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