Sessions – The South Florida Run

Another Sunshine State wake adventure with the Red Bull team.
Guenther Oka winching under a bridge
Don’t temp Guenther Oka with a cool winch spot, he’s always game for unique shredding. Bryan Soderlind

For each of the last three years, members of Red Bull’s wake crew have put together some epic adventures around Florida. It started in 2018 with “Okeechobee Runnin’” – a journey across Florida from west to east, via Lake Okeechobee and its canals. In 2019 the gang did the “North Florida Loop” – heading north up the St. John’s River to Jacksonville, then coming back south via the Intracoastal. This year a squad consisting of Parks Bonifay, Brian Grubb, Meagan Ethell, Guenther Oka, Massi Piffaretti and Gunner Daft continued the Intracoastal theme – taking the waterway from Cocoa south to Miami. Along the way they found some new places to ride, including countless winch spots. Photographer Bryan Soderlind was once again there to capture all that went down, including Guenther Oka scoring the most recent Cover Up feature. This is the South Florida Run, and per usual, it looks like an epic wake adventure with a rad crew. It goes to show that with some creativity and planning, you can do a lot more than you think with your wake boat. Stay tuned for a video series courtesy of Erik Ruck, too.

Massi Piffaretti on an overturned tree
Don’t worry, Massi Piffaretti knows the way. Bryan Soderlind
Beaching boats in Titusville
Pit stops are better when they look like this. Bryan Soderlind
Sliding an abandoned boat
Massi ending Day 1 with a bang. Bryan Soderlind
Riding after a thunderstorm
The calm after the storm means some epic riding conditions for Brian Grubb. Bryan Soderlind
Gunner Daft catching air
Big air and style with Gunner Daft. Bryan Soderlind
Foiling the Intracoastal
The Intracoastal is popular hangout for Club Foil. Bryan Soderlind
Meagan Ethell in Jupiter
Meagan Ethell bringing her style south. Bryan Soderlind
Guenther Oka throwing spray
Even Guenther’s carves look ridiculously good. Bryan Soderlind
Parks Bonifay getting sprayed with a hose
When the marina doesn’t have showers… Bryan Soderlind
Jumping off a shipwreck
Fun with shipwrecks. Bryan Soderlind
Gunner Daft wakeboarding the waterfront
House shopping with Gunner. Bryan Soderlind
Massi launching air
Signature Massi en route to Miami. Bryan Soderlind
Heading south in a wakeboat
Runnin’ south. Bryan Soderlind
Meagan Ethell wakeboarding in Fort Lauderdale
Meagan getting comfortable with the Miami vibes. Bryan Soderlind
Pulling up next to a yacht
Goals. Bryan Soderlind
Swimming in Miami
Bienvenido a Miami. Bryan Soderlind
Massi smacking a seawall
Massi closing out another Red Bull Florida adventure with a back lip. Bryan Soderlind
The crew wraps up their adventure
Squad. Bryan Soderlind