The North Florida Loop - An Epic Wake Boat Adventure

Watch the full journey from beginning to end

Video by Erik Ruck

You might have already watched the individual episodes of this summer's epic adventure, The North Florida Loop, but now you can watch the full journey, beginning to end, in one piece (along with some director's cut tweaks). If you need a refresher, here's the gist of the North Florida Loop, a unique wake journey through the north eastern part of the Sunshine state. With the help of Red Bull, Parks Bonifay, Brian Grubb, Nick Taylor and Massi Piffaretti launched two boats in Lake Monroe, just north of Orlando, and headed north along the historic St. John's River (one of only two north-flowing rivers in the world) toward Jacksonville. From the port-city, the crew headed out to the Atlantic and Florida's intracoastal waterway, where they turned south toward Titusville to complete the "loop." Along the way the guys did it all and saw a ton, and ultimately were able to experience more of Florida in a truly unique way.