Roswell Marine: The R1 Series Speakers

Roswell Marine Audio
Meet the TwinsRoswell

Growing into a global company is not easy. And making choices to enter new product categories is not easy either. At Roswell we believe that innovative design is a requirement. We exist to push the boundaries of our industry whether introducing new products that have never existed before, or creating improved products in categories that align with our core values.

When we decided to enter Marine Audio nearly 10 years ago, we introduced the now industry standard 6510 Series speakers, something we’re very proud to say continues to be a staple of the industry.

Now in the year 2017, we are incredibly proud to push the boundaries of our own design and innovation to a marine audio technology in a league all it’s own. The R1 is designed to change the way we listen and enjoy the overall marine audio experience, in all environments, from the freshwater calm of the intercontinental lakes and rivers, to the saltwater sensations of the sea. The R1 is the story of one speaker, one sound, one love, but for any application, in any boat, anywhere.