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Introducing Reflect Boats' and Its Line of the Most Fuel-Efficient Boats

Ride Massive Wakes - Burn Half the FuelReflect Boats

Maryville, TN (April 21, 2016)Reflect Boats is proud to introduce their flagship, model R24, as one of the world's most fuel-efficient boats for wakeboarding and wakesurfing. The first wakeboat ever designed with advanced fluid dynamics simulation software, the patent-pending running surface of the R24 achieves approximately 30% less drag while producing massive wakes that are comparable with any of the wake industry's flagship boats. Coupled with additional efficiency gained from its Volvo Forward Drive propulsion package, owners can expect to gain at least 35% fuel efficiency when fully ballasted by some of the most fuel-efficient boats in the industry.

At 24 feet long, with an 8'6" beam and 4400 pounds of below-deck ballast, the 16 passenger R24 kicks up massive and well-shaped wakes that wakeboarders and wakesurfers will love. The integrated surf system allows wakesurfers to switch between port and starboard surf wakes on command, via a floating, waterproof wrist remote. Ballast is filled and drained in 70 seconds via transom gate valves, allowing an instant transfer from beginner to professional wake sizes.

Loaded with several patent-pending new concepts and features including the exclusive electric folding hard-top tower, massive transom stereo system, and fully integrated enclosure, this is one boat you must check out.

Reflect will showcase the R24 beginning on May 7th at the Tellico Marina - Nautical Workz On The Water Boat Show, and continuing throughout the summer via the R.I.D.E. Demonstration Tour. Check for tour dates, or to schedule a private demonstration in the new model. For more information, contact Matt Ostmeyer at 913 908-8081 or

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