The North Florida Loop – An Epic Wake Boat Adventure – Day 5

After nearly 400 miles, the awesome journey comes to a close in Titusville

Video: Erik Ruck

Earlier this summer an awesome crew of riders got together for another epic, Florida-based journey. With the help of Red Bull, Parks Bonifay, Brian Grubb, Nick Taylor and Massi Piffaretti set out with two boats and a unique idea. The gist: launch the boats in Lake Monroe, just north of Orlando, and head north along the historic St. John’s River (one of only two north-flowing rivers in the world) toward Jacksonville. Then roll through Jacksonville toward the Atlantic and Florida’s intracoastal waterway. Cruise back south toward Titusville and complete the “loop.” Along the way the guys did it all and saw a ton, and ultimately were able to experience more of Florida in a truly unique way.

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Nick Taylor throwing huge spray
Nick Taylor taking a salty slaysh on the last day of the trip. Bryan Soderlind

On the final day of their journey, the North Florida Loop crew finished things off with some cruising around the unique “space coast.” Taking their time to enjoy a local breakfast, the local natives (read: manatees), and the remnants of Mother Nature’s wrath from hurricanes past, Parks Bonifay, Brian Grubb, Massi Piffaretti, and Nick Taylor made the most of a relaxed day, knowing their journey was ending and they didn’t have far to go to meet the trucks and trailers to pull the boats out of the water.

Running a wake boat under a drawbridge
One last bridge to get under. Bryan Soderlind
Nick Taylor boosting
Despite rarely riding behind the boat these days, Nick Taylor still has the goods. And for that we are thankful. Bryan Soderlind
Manatee coming to visit
A morning greeting from a Space Coast local. Bryan Soderlind

After five full days of adventure, the North Florida Loop came to a conclusion. The crew had started with gators in the river and ended with manatees in the Atlantic ocean. In between they saw a lot of what makes Florida a truly unique place. From the quiet solitude of a swampy river to the clear-blue waters of a natural spring, from the hustle-bustle of major metropolitan city to the ancient architecture of a centuries-old Spanish fort – Florida can offer a ton of diversity in a relatively small area. The fact that these guys could explore much of it in less than a week in two wakeboard boats is pretty impressive. The only question now is, what’s next?

Taking photos on giant driftwood
Mother Nature’s coastal photo-op. Bryan Soderlind
Parks Bonifay taking a selfie
Parks Bonifay’s coastal selfie-op. Bryan Soderlind