The North Florida Loop – An Epic Wake Boat Adventure – Day 2

The crew continues its journey along the St. John's River to Jacksonville

Video: Erik Ruck

Watch Day 1 here.

Earlier this summer an awesome crew of riders got together for another epic, Florida-based journey. With the help of Red Bull, Parks Bonifay, Brian Grubb, Nick Taylor and Massi Piffaretti set out with two boats and a unique idea. The gist: launch the boats in Lake Monroe, just north of Orlando, and head north along the historic St. John’s River (one of only two north-flowing rivers in the world) toward Jacksonville. Then roll through Jacksonville toward the Atlantic and Florida’s intracoastal waterway. Cruise back south toward Titusville and complete the “loop.” Along the way the guys did it all and saw a ton, and ultimately were able to experience more of Florida in a truly unique way.

Massi Piffaretti catches big air
Massi Piffaretti bringing his Italian steeze to the waters of the St. John’s River. Bryan Soderlind
Wake boat on the St. John's River
Going on an adventure with your wake boat has its perks. Bryan Soderlind
Parks Bonifay wakesurfing
Parks Bonifay taking advantage of some combo wave wakesurfing opportunities. Bryan Soderlind