New Wakeboards for 2018

School's out and summer is here! Check out the wakeboarding yearbook to find your next ride!

Ronix One ATR
Great Wakeboards for 2018, MSRP: $500Courtesy Ronix

Classic and classy! Danny Harf is my main squeeze. Jealous?

Great Wakeboards for 2018
Basketball practice always goes better when your sock/high-top combo is working the hardwood as hard as you.WBM
Jobe Concord
Great Wakeboards for 2018, MSRP: $450Courtesy Jobe

I’m laid-back and über-flexible. Love spending time all over the park!

Great Wakeboards for 2018
Yearbook staff. We still have no idea what Richard was looking at.WBM
Liquid Force Noodle
Great Wakeboards for 2018, MSRP: $470Courtesy Liquid Force

Yes, that’s sidecut. You’re curious. I’m like a snowboard without the sweaty underlayers.

Great Wakeboards for 2018
“Hey ladies, wanna Netflix and Chinese?”WBM
Slingshot Nomad
Great Wakeboards for 2018, MSRP: $450Courtesy Slingshot Sports

You know what they say about big boards ... BIG fun! Don't knock it till you've tried it!

Great Wakeboards for 2018
Just a few renegades ready for some summer fun!WBM
O’Brien Exclusive
Great Wakeboards for 2018, MSRP $540Courtesy O'Brien

I’m new here, but I’ve got a full spine and I’m not afraid of speed.

Great Wakeboards for 2018
That was the last time any of us saw Barry.WBM
CWB The Standard
Great Wakeboards for 2018, MSRP: $400Courtesy CWB

I might look simple, but I love a mix of basic grabs and tech.

Great Wakeboards for 2018
Deborah Smith and C.W. Bellhouse at the annual Totally Toga party.WBM